11. Talas CSSCs (TL) 
Activity Overview 
The CSSC met with Mr. B. Trepanier, Consultant of the Kyrgyz Swiss Agricultural Program, and 
he recommended conducting two training workshops on financial sustainability and NGO 
governance for their staff and local farmers councils. 
After the CSSC disseminated information about new programs of Canadian Embassy and OSI, 9 
NGOs are developing funding proposals to be submitted to these donors. 
On April 11 12, The Manager K. Khasanova and the Assistant C. Tynalieva took part in the 
conference by OSCE, devoted to interethnic relations in the context of Central Asia, and the role 
of NGOs in preventing potential conflict and fighting the roots of terrorism. 
The CSSC Manager G. Temirbekova met with the staff of UNDP Program Poverty Reduction 2 
and discussed providing training seminars for associations of self help groups on a contractual 
Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC volunteers began providing services to clients (consultations in land reform and project 
design, information support, etc). Both international organizations and local NGOs started 
recruiting volunteers through the CSSC. 
The Volunteer M. Kim took part in a seminar on financial accountability conducted by the Union 
of Bookkeepers and Auditors on April 15 30 in Talas.  
The CSSC created a Web Site covering its activities. 
The CSSC Bookkeper B. Momunbekov took part in the seminar titled  Attracting Investments  
held in Talas on May 3 by the consulting firm Professional Manager. The participants got new 
skills in investment policies for boosting local economies. 
The CSSC gained experience in conducting sociological surveys while helping SIAR (Bishkek) 
conduct surveys in Talas Oblast. The new expertise would allow the CSSC to launch new service  
sociological research. 
The CSSC Assistant T. Asranov took part in two training workshops on analytic methods being 
conducted by INTRAC. 
The governance and organization structure of the CSSC was revised to better meet to the needs of 
the organization. A new Board of Directors was elected, and the CSSC designed a plan for 
building skills of the Board members. 
Community Outreach 
This quarter, the CSSC was focusing on establishing experience exchange between target 
communities, based on Kyrgyz traditional contest Yr Kese, when each participant takes part in 
actions like hosting meetings of different communities. 
The CSSC continues publishing the newsletter One Hundred Questions and Answers on Land 
Issues, which covers specific topics raised by the local population. The CSSC volunteers, who 
took part in the training seminars by Chemonix, are preparing the newsletter. 
The CSSC formed the LCG, consisting of 7 people representing NGOs, governments and 
international organizations. All of them were oriented in project assessment criteria. The first 
grant review meeting was held on May 22, where 5 projects were reviewed, of which 3 were 
The CSSC assisted 5 target communities that received CAGs to ensure financial accountability 
and strengthen the oversight by communities on the projects implementation. In order to do so, 
the CSSC conducted training on NGO governance and provided consultations to the grantees that 
resulted in the formation of functional auditing commissions. 
The CSSCs took a leading role in conducting a nationwide advocacy campaign aimed at revoking 
the Government Decree #20. The CSSC created on line discussions and voting regarding the 
Decree at .  

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