UNDP staff agreed to provide their communication facilities and contribute to the projects of this 
target community aimed at renovating the potable water supply. 
On June 12, the CSSC hosted a meeting of the Stakeholders Committee, to discuss forming a 
local grant committee. It was decided to contact Water Supply Department, Environmental 
Department, Emergency Department and other special agencies to recruit experienced experts. 
10. Osh CSSCs (OS) 
Activity Overview 
The CSSC met with representatives of the Aga Khan Foundation, which is planning to launch a 
new program aimed at providing assistance to NGO support organizations, but beforehand, they 
intend to conduct a survey to identify specific needs of potential partners. The CSSC was 
requested to organize an introductory meeting with local NGOs. 
The CSSC has been assisting the local NGOs in attracting outside funds: to date, after the CSSC 
disseminated information about new programs of Canadian Embassy and OSI, 9 NGOs are 
developing funding proposals to be submitted to these donors. 
On April 11 12, The Manager K. Khasanova and the Assistant C. Tynalieva took part in the 
conference by OSCE, devoted to the issues of interethnic relations in the context of Central Asia, 
and a role of NGOs in preventing potential conflict and fighting roots of terrorism. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC singed an agreement with INTRAC to train its staff in analytical methods workshops, 
conduct research with INTRAC experts and publish results of surveys. 
The CSSC purchased 2 new computers and a scanner, and to date the CSSC has 8 computers: 3 
for staff and 5 are available for NGOs in the resource center. 
Two new volunteers were recruited to assist the CSSC in registering visitors, copying, typing, 
distributing information, etc. 
The CSSC Coordinator M. Pirjanov took part in the training entitled  The Role of NGOs in 
Forming Public Opinion on Natural Resource Management  held in Tashkent on May 9 16. The 
seminar was organized by the USAID funded project Natural resource management in Central 
Asia. The participants gain new skills in conducting a public campaign, organizing public polls, 
The Manager K. Khasanova took part in the study tour in Germany held on May 25  July 9. The 
main goal of the study tour was to learn about community foundations and the management of 
community owned assets. 
Community Outreach 
On April 8, a roundtable on social partnership with participation of local authorities, local NGOs 
and CBOs was held in the target community of Kuu Maidan, where they discussed addressing 
community needs through community driven projects, forming self help groups and conducting 
training workshops for community members. 
The CSSC formed the LCG, consisting of 7 people representing NGOs, governments and 
international organizations. All of them signed volunteer contracts on May 16 and were given 
orientation in project assessment criteria. The first grant review meeting was held on May 22, 
where 4 projects were reviewed, of which 3 were approved. 
Together with the NGO Ata Jurt, the CSSC conducted a roundtable in the target community of 
Kun Elek. 32 people representing the local community, NGOs, and the village government 
attended the meeting. The participants discussed forming self help groups and micro credit groups 
to develop economic activities. 

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