During the quarter, the number of local trainers of the CSSC increased: since the financial 
manager, office manager, and two volunteers started conducting training workshops. 
The CSSC Assistant A. Tolipov took part in the training titled  The Role of NGOs in Forming 
Public Opinion on Natural Resource Management  held in Tashkent on May 9 16.  
Community Outreach 
The CSSC started issuing 2 newsletters: 1) Lastochka, which is published by the volunteers and 
aimed at educating the general public on volunteerism as well as publishing updates/news of the 
volunteer center, and 2) Zerkalo Nookata, which covers the NGO developments in the Nookat 
With assistance of the CSSC, 5 target communities created and registered NGOs after they 
successfully completed community projects funded last year.  
On May 17, the CSSC hosted an orientation meeting of the LGC, where its members were 
introduced to the second phase of the Community Outreach program. The LGC conducted the 
first grant review meeting on May 25, where it reviewed 8 projects and approved 4 of them, 
including one project developed by volunteers and to be locally funded. 
With the CSSC assistance, the refugee community of Dedek Bobo submitted 3 business 
applications to MCI and developed a project focused on opening a small kindergarten for refugee 
children. The NGO Meerkan Palmira works closely with this community. 
The CSSC staff filled profiles for 159 refugees, and conducted training in Advocacy to educate 
refugees in advancing their interests. 
9. Naryn CSSCs (NR) 
Activity Overview 
The CSSC provided intensive consultations both in the office and in the field to local NGOs 
resulting in the submission of 14 projects to the Soros Foundation. 
The Swiss Agency Helvetas contracted the CSSC to deliver training workshops for their target 
groups  rural entrepreneurs. The first training workshop for Helvetas was conducted on May 23; 
the theme was team building and conflict management. The CSSC was paid 2600 soms. 
On May 24, representatives of Save The Children (UK) visited the CSSC to familiarize 
themselves with their activities and to identify local NGOs to work with. It was decided that the 
CSSC would provide paid communication services and logistic support to representatives of Save 
The Children. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC Coordinator on Volunteers T. Valiakhmetova moved to a full time staff position as the 
CSSC Assistant. 
The Stakeholder Committee held new elections. On the first meeting of a new Stakeholder 
Committee, the regulations of Stakeholder Committee were revised and approved, as well as 
stipulations for forming the Local Grant Review Committee were developed. 
Job descriptions reflecting a clearer division of responsibilities were updated to better meet to the 
organizational needs.  
The CSSC Assistant A. Naymanbetova took part in the international seminar on Fundraising held 
in Crimea (Ukraine) on June 4 9, 2002. The Soros Foundation covered all participation costs. 
Internal communication and planning have been improving through holding weekly staff 
meetings, minutes of which are being kept in a special file. The IREX Internet Center Coordinator 
started participating in staff meetings that increase involvement of the other staff to this project. 
Community Outreach 
The target community of the Ugut Vl. has registered a new NGO named Ugutstan since having 
legal status will allow the initiative groups to expand their donor base (including local sources) 
and partner local governments. The new NGO won the Soros grant to form a school parliament. 
The CSSC staff met with the representatives of UNDP Decentralization Program M. Rakhman 
and I. Musaeva and discussed cooperation in working with the community of Cholpon Vl. The 

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