rehabilitation of public objects that require fees for services. The Akim promised to identify ways 
to reduce the fees. 
Internal Capacity Building 
On May 27, the CSSC conducted a staff meeting to finalize the responsibilities of eight 
On June 10 11, the CSSC Assistant A. Kushnazarov took part in a seminar on building NGO 
capacity in migration management held by IOM.  
Volunteers N. Sariev and G. Tursunkulova took part in the TOT on advocacy conducted by NDI 
on June 18 20 in Jalalabad so that they can train target clients. 
Community Outreach 
On April 26 27, the CSSC conducted a training workshop on financial management for NGOs 
and the target communities to ensure the financial transparency of their operations. The contract 
trainers from Bishkek, Jalal Abad and Kerben conducted this workshop. 
The CSSC has been successfully working with the target communities to attract funds from 
outside USAID and EC programs.  
On May 28, the CSSC hosted the first grant review meeting of the LGC; 5 projects were approved 
and conditionally recommended for funding.  
On April 18, CSSC staff met with Parliament Deputy O. Malevannaya to discuss the revocation 
of Decree #20, and provided her with several letters of concern. The current situation in Aksy 
Rayon and the implications of the tragic events of March 17 18 also were discussed. 
6. Kant CSSCs (KN)  
Activity Overview 
Together with the Legal Clinic under the Young Lawyers Association, the CSSC organized and 
conducted a seminar on gender inequality during June for 15 refugees and 10 local women. A 
UNHCR expert, M. Lope, provided methodological support. 
Internal Capacity Building 
On May 16 17, the Manager T. Temirova took part in the training seminar on the taxation of non 
commercial organizations organized by GTD, ICNL and the Chamber of Tax Consultants. 
The CSSC Assistant A. Dunganaeva took part in two training workshops on analytic methods, 
which are the first stage of the series of 5 training modules being conducted by INTRAC. She also 
participated in workshops on marketing plan development and project management provided by 
the Asian Development Bureau (Bishkek). 
Community Outreach 
The training workshops and consultations in Micro Business being delivered by the CSSC to 
refugees resulted in 16 individual business applications to MCI (4 of them were approved). 
The CSSC staff trained 8 new PCA facilitators who then took an active part in actual PCA 
exercises in 5 target communities in June 2002. 
The Kant CSSC helped the refugee NGOs design an advocacy campaign aimed at simplification 
of the citizenship procedures for Tadjik refugees. The refugee NGOs developed the project 
proposal for the Soros Foundation. 
7. Karakol CSSCs (KR) 
Activity Overview 
The CSSC developed a format for a tripartite agreement between Soros Foundation, its grantees 
and the CSSC, It is expected that CSSC would provide contractual services to the Soros grantees 
within the framework of such an agreement. 
On June 14, CSSC participated in budget hearings organized by the Urban Institute and Karakol 
State Administration attended by participants from government bodies, civil society and business.  

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