4. Kara Balta CSSCs (KB) 
Activity Overview 
The CSSC Manager K. Abraliev took part in the conference on collaboration between 
governments and business in developing investment friendly policies. The conference was held in 
Bishkek on May 29 30 by the consulting firm Professional  Manager. The participants, among 
which were representatives of foreign embassies, government officials, and international donors, 
discussed improving the investment climate for stabilizing the economy and fighting poverty. 
On June 7, the CSSC took part in a meeting to compiling a strategy for the town development 
hosted by the Mayor's office with support of the Urban Institute. As a result, the CSSC Manager 
K. Abraliev was coopted to the task force drafting the strategy.  
Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC Manager K. Abraliev took part in the training entitled  The Role of NGOs in Forming 
a Public Opinion on Natural Resource Management  held in Tashkent on May 9 16. The seminar 
was organized by the USAID funded project Natural Resource Management in Central Asia. The 
participants gain new skills in conducting a public campaign, organizing public polls, etc. 
The CSSC Manager K. Abraliev took part in two training workshops on analytic methods, the 
first stage of the series of 5 training modules being conducted by INTRAC. He is exploring the 
effectiveness of the information channels available for NGOs. 
In April, the Refugee Coordinator A. Kasymbekov left the organization for personal reasons. 
After a series of interviews K. Shorukova (Citizenship Coordinator) was moved to the Refugee 
Coordinator position, and the Volunteer A. Asipjanov was hired as the Citizenship Coordinator. 
Based on the expertise gained at the country training on governance, the CSSC staff drafted an 
action plan for establishing a governing body  Board of Advisors. 
The CSSC Refugee Coordinator K. Shorukova took part in a training seminar on the taxation of 
non commercial organizations held by ICNL on May 16 17 in Issyk Kul. The participants learned 
about NGO taxation and were assigned to conduct roundtables on NGO taxation in their 
respective areas. 
Community Outreach 
The CSSC Kara Balta has been delivering training workshops and consultations in Micro 
Business to refugees. To date, 16 individual business applications were submitted to MCI.  
The CSSC Kara Balta assisted refugee NGOs and communities in acquiring Kyrgyz citizenship. 
Regular meetings with refugee NGOs were conducted to collect information for the database. To 
date, the CSSC collected information about 1,726 adult refugees, of which 272 received 
The Counterpart CO Coordinator N. Satarov conducted an in depth consultation on PCA for the 
contract trainer of the Kara Balta CSSC on April 8. 
On June 19, the CSSC hosted the roundtable titled  Amendments to the Tax Code  attended by 
11 NGO representatives. The participants discussed the bill Amendments to the Tax Code and 
sent a letter of support to the Parliament Deputies. 
The CSSC assisted the refugee NGOs in designing an advocacy campaign aimed at the 
simplification of the citizenship procedures for Tadjik refugees. The refugee NGOs developed a 
project proposal for the Soros Foundation, whose decision is expected by mid July 2002.  
5. Kerben CSSCs (KE)  
Activity Overview 
The CSSC assisted local NGOs in submitting 15 projects to donors (5 projects to the Soros 
Foundation, 2 to the Dutch Embassy in Astana, 1 to Regional Environmental Center, and 5 to 
The CSSC meet the newly appointed Rayon Akim J. Bekbolotov on April 8 to introduce him to 
the Center's activities. The problems facing local communities in implementing social 
infrastructure projects were discussed, including existing legal regulations concerning the 

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