The CSSC Batken has been delivering training workshops and consultations in Micro Business to 
refugees. To date, 32 individual business applications and 5 business projects developed by 
groups were submitted to MCI.  
On June 8, the Grant Manager and the Bookkeeper of the CSSC conducted a follow up seminar 
on financial accountability and monitoring for the grantees of the Peace Building and Conflict 
Mitigation program, as a first step of building their skills in effective project management. 
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved the bathhouse initiated by the target community 
of Chon Gara Vl. (Batken Rayon). 
3. Jalalabad CSSCs (JA) 
Activity Overview 
On April 25, The IREX representatives D. Jay and D. Oleynikov visited the CSSC to discuss 
possibilities of opening the IATP public site together with the CSSC. The decision will be made 
after the CSSC staff identifies options for having larger space for the Internet public site. 
The CSSC started writing a proposal to ADB on delivering training and consultative services to 
communities involved in ADB programs. 
The CSSC has established partnership links with the independent TV Echo of Manas. During the 
reporting period it telecasted short reports on activities of 4 local NGOs, based on information 
provided by the CSSC. 
Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC has been working on establishing a Consultative Board: the staff conducted meeting 
with the contract trainers and the most active NGOs to discuss the responsibilities of the Board, 
20 potential candidates were chosen, information materials were prepared for them, and 
individual interviews with them are underway. 
The CSSC Coordinator A. Umarova took part in the training seminar on Land Law conducted by 
the Chemonix on April 9 11. Since most of the CSSC clients are of rural background, the CSSC 
will be better able to consult them after getting new expertise in land issues. 
On April 29, the CSSC conducted a meeting with the contract trainers to revise the criteria for 
selecting participants for training workshops to increase the effectiveness of the training program. 
On May 8, the CSSC conducted a one day seminar on participatory monitoring and evaluation for 
the contract trainers and the PCA facilitators. 
On May 29 31, CSSC Coordinator A. Umarova took part in the training workshops titled 
 Organizational Development as a Building Capacity Tool  held by INTRAC. The participants 
were introduced to the OD diagnosis, some OD models and approaches. 
Community Outreach 
The Volunteer Center has been developing successfully, and the volunteers actively participate in 
training workshops and work in the office. Three volunteers became contract trainers. Besides 
assisting the CSSC staff, recently the volunteers started providing services to clients, including 
consultations, typing, and translation. 
On May 15, the CSSC conducted a seminar on PM&E for the target community of the village of 
Komsomol; 51 people representing the local community and local authorities took part.  
The CSSC conducted an orientation seminar for the members of the LGC on May 20 where they 
presented the Community Outreach Program, the role and responsibilities of the LGC, and criteria 
for selecting projects. The first grant review meeting was held on June 8; 5 projects were 
reviewed, and 2 proposals were selected for funding.  

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