Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC Manager B. Muratalieva and PR Assistant E. Voronina took part in two workshops on 
analytic methods, the first stage of the series of 5 training modules being conducted by INTRAC. 
On June 6, the CSSC staff held a meeting to discuss achievements during the first half of 2002 
and to revise the action plan for the second half of the year.  
Interbilim re elected the Board of Directors; at the first meeting on June 7, the board members 
approved members of the local grant committee. 
The CSSC Manager B. Muratalieva took part in the training workshop on association 
development conducted by Counterpart contract trainers N. Imakeev and E. Pavliuk on May 24 
Community Outreach 
On June 6, the SVP of Counterpart International Arlene Lear visited the target community Archa 
Beshik. The CSSC has helped this community develop funding proposals to transfer some 
responsibilities on revising CAP to the NGO Kut Doolot, which was created by community 
The CSSC conducted the first meeting of the Local Grant Committee (LGC) on June 26, where 
they discussed criteria for evaluating proposals and signed personal contracts with the CSSCs to 
serve as a member of LGC on a voluntary basis. 
The CSSC hosted a roundtable of NGOs committed to providing social assistance, where they 
discussed issues of public campaigns. The participants shared ideas and tools on planning and 
implementing a public campaign, working with governments, participation in ad hoc committees, 
The CSSC hosted a roundtable that 43 representatives of Bishkek NGOs attended; the participants 
discussed the bill  Amendments to the Tax Code  together with its drafter Y. Khvan (ICNL) and 
I. Ryzhykh (Chamber of Tax Consultants). 
2. Batken CSSCs (BT)  
Activity Overview 
The CSSC conducted a forum for the NGOs of Batken Oblast. Representatives of 51 NGOs 
discussed current developments, successes and challenges, facing local NGOs. As a result, a 
strategy for NGO development in Batken Oblast for 2002 2005 was drafted. 
After receiving feedback from NGO representatives of Leilek Rayon, the CSSC held a roundtable 
on April 24 to design a plan for improving the activities of the Leilek branch of the CSSC. To 
date, the branch moved to a new office, and its work schedule was adapted to better meet the 
needs of local NGOs and CBOs.  
During the quarter, the CSSC provided assistance to 15 NGOs in drafting and submitting funding 
proposals to the Soros Foundation. 
Internal Capacity Building 
On May 10 12, the Grant Manager A. Kochkorbaev and Assistant P. Suranova took part in the 
training workshop on financial sustainability to build their training and consulting skills. 
On May 16 17, the Grant Manager A. Kochkorbaev took part in a training seminar on the taxation 
of non commercial organizations organized by GTD, ICNL and Chamber of Tax Consultants. 
The Manager of the Batken CSSC, N. Aldasheva, took part in a study tour in Germany held on 
May 25 July 9 to learn about community foundations and the management of community owned 
Community Outreach 
The CSSC has been proactively working with target communities to attract funds from outside 
USAID and EC programs to address local issues. To date, they submitted four proposals to MCI, 
Soros Foundation and the Dutch Embassy. 

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