7. Social Corporate Fund ZUBR, East Kazakhstan oblast, Ust Kamenogorsk 
Internal Capacity Building 
A new Assistant Manager position was created during the reporting period. Vadim Litvinov was 
appointed Assistant Manager and has been trained in participatory monitoring and evaluation of 
community projects. 
Alla Kozlyatkina, Program Coordinator, participated in the International Conference entitled 
 Effective Cooperation in Network  organized by the South Regional Resource Center of 
Krasnodar, Russia. The NGO associate plans to adapt existing models to Kazakhstan 
Alla Kozlyatkina and Oleg Chernyshev participated in the regional seminar on the Orkhusk 
Convention where they met with the Head of the OSCE mission in Kazakhstan to discuss the 
prospects of implementing the convention's regulations on the oblast level. Belovodye NGO 
under OSCE support and with participation of lawyers from Legal Initiative organized and 
conducted the seminar. CSSC participation in the seminar contributes improves its consulting 
service on legal and information access issues. 
On April 24, Tatiana Polyakova, Alla Kozlyatkina and Natalia Ogneva took part in a seminar 
entitled  Labor Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan  organized by ZUBR and conducted by 
Legal Initiative. The participants plan to develop models for general and corporate training 
On May 30, the staff conducted the first meeting of the Board of Trustees that includes Vitaly 
Kulik, a Founder of ZUBR, Lavrenty Bobryshev, a Senior Officer of the Department of Internal 
Policy, Galina Kozhevnikova, a Deputy Director of Education in the Liberal Arts College, Sergey 
Pizikov, a Director of the Center for Support and Development of Entrepreneurship, and 
Lyudmila Levitanus, a Deputy Director of Rating Company. 
In the framework of partnership project  Transparent City , Alla Kozlyatkina participated in the 
seminar  Electronic Democracy and Government , conducted by  Econom    a Polish 
organization for representatives of state bodies and NGOs members of Ust Kamenogorsk. The 
seminar was aimed at skills improvement in development of informational interaction system in 
accordance with international standards.  
On May 13 17, Volunteer's Good Will Action was carried out in educational institutions and 
organizations of Ust Kamenogorsk for World Youth Day. Local media covered the event.  
Community Outreach 
The Center conducted 55 consultations mainly in PCA, community mobilization and project 
proposals design. Participatory Community appraisals were conducted in communities of 
 Ellada  Club, Public Association  Zelyenaya Ulitsa , Levoberezhnaya Hospital, Youth Center 
Against Drugs  FATH , Public Organization  TEK  and NGO  Micro credit .  
ZUBR coordinated the city volunteer campaign  A Roll of Good Actions  that was carried out on 
May 13   17 within the framework of the World Day of Youth' Service. The action was 
conducted in East Kazakhstan Technical University, State University, schools #9, 24, 37, and the 
youth organizations, and was covered in local mass media. As a result of a number of CSSC' 
seminars on Social Partnership, Oskemen's volunteers were able to organize the event that lead to 
involvement of the youth in democratic development processes of the country.  

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