Linda Bayer, a Volunteer of Peace Corpse, started its duties in the Support Center, and organized 
a number of meeting with representatives of Oblast Committee of Red Crescent & Red Cross, 
 Pomosh'  NGO and students of local university to discuss preventing measures in fighting 
6. Nuclear Test Victims Union IRIS, East Kazakhstan oblast, Semipalatinsk 
Internal Capacity Building 
The CSSC presented its community programs during a press conference. Four regional 
newspapers published articles covering the center's ongoing activity in community mobilization 
IRIS organized a staff meeting and a session of the Coordination Council to form the Local Grant 
Between May 21 and 23, IRIS provided ZUBR with logistical and technical support for the 
seminar for farmers in East Kazakhstan Oblast. 
On May 24, the UNDP Program Coordinator and representatives of Semipalatinsk NGO 
discussed the implementation of a small grants program to be lead by Semipalatinsk NGOs.  
In June, IRIS and the Department of Agriculture designed a regional project for farm 
In June, three students from the University named after Shakarim started as volunteers at the 
Support Center. 
Community Outreach  
In the framework of mass media outreach, CSSC conducted information campaign on its 
community programs and organized press conference for journalists of newspapers  Golos 
Naroda ,  Nashe Delo ,  Arna  and  Semipalatinskie Vesti .  
In April, PCA was conducted in Karaul Village of Abay County. The village elders, members of 
local NGO  Toghzhan , local farmers and officials participated in the appraisal process that 
resulted in revelation of the key problem in vegetable supply. In this connection, Action Plan was 
designed. The initial phase of the project included allocations of plot, farming equipment, and 
sowing stuff to cultivate potatoes.  
In the framework of ecological project  Qausar Bulaq , seedlings were planted in late April. 
CSSC facilitated purchasing of seedlings and their transportation to Begen' Village. 
On May 22
, in the framework of community mobilization, CSSC conducted Round Table with 
state officials, NGO associates and community members. The meeting was intended to cover the 
following issues:  
Development of organizational base for long term cooperation between NGO sector and state 
Results of the 2001 programs on  Community Mobilization ; 
Formation of Local Grant Committee and administration of the regional mini grants. 
16 Participants represented Department of Ecology, Department of Education, Department of 
Social Protection, Health Department, NGO leaders, and managers of community projects.  
In May, CSSC facilitated 3 PCA in Sarzhal Village of Abai County, boarding school for deaf 
children and orphanage  Podrostoc . As a result of PCA, community Action Plans were designed 
and project proposals were launched to be examined in Local Grant Committee. CSSC provided 
consultative, informational and technical support in community projects design process. 
Agricultural Department of local Akimat turned for CSSC' assistance in joint project design 
aimed at farming development in countryside. 
In May,  Volunteerism  seminar was conducted for NGO representatives. The seminar 
participants discussed volunteers' role NGO development, their motivation and encouragement 
system and other related aspects. By the end of the reporting period, 3 volunteers   4
year students from Shaqarim University started their duties in the Support Center.  

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