Community project  Children Playgrounds Development  was successfully completed in late 
May. 9 playgrounds were built for over 1000 children of local district during the project 
implementation. The Republic's newspaper  Kazakhstanskaya Pravda  and regional newspaper 
 Diapazon  published articles about the project results. 
In July, the Support Center organized PCA & Action Plan Design trainings for 20 members of 
local NGOs and initiative groups. 4 participants were representatives of Atyrau NGOs   ISAR 
and ECOS.  
Two volunteers   Igor Maidanenko and Gul'nara Akhmetkalieva joined CSSC team in April to 
consult NGOs in legal issues. Volunteers participated in CSSC training  Advocacy  and gained 
skills in other NGO related issues. 
On May 19
, volunteers from INCAR NGO carried out action on cleaning banks of Qarghaly 
River. CSSC's volunteers contributed to the campaign through fundraising, partnership and mass 
media outreach. The city public organizations    Pokoleniye ,  Pokoleniye M ,  Women of 
Orient  participated in the event and informed local community of their activity. 
In April   May, CSSC cooperated with  DemOrda  NGO in sociological research in Aqtobe to 
reveal major issues in citizens' mobilization process. The Support Center consulted its partner 
NGO in methods of organizing advocacy campaign. In addition,  DemOrda  participated in 
Advocacy training, held by NDI and USAID' support. The training covered the issues of 
advocacy campaign in adjusting housing legislation.  
4. Karaghandy Regional Ecological Center ECO CENTER, Karaghandy oblast, Karaghandy 
Internal Capacity Building 
The Center purchased two computers and a scanner to develop its technical capacity. Job 
descriptions, a service scheme for the Resource Center, and an NGO database were developed 
during the reporting period. Kuat Bakirov was appointed as the Office Manager. 
The Center's staff conducted the following seminars:  Ecological Education and Sustainable 
Development in Kazakhstan  (by Lyudmila Kurtavtseva in Atyrau, June 4 7),  Internet Camp for 
NGO  (by Dmitry Doctorov in Karaghandy, June 17 21),  The Pragma Program  (by Kaisha 
Atakhanova in Almaty, June 21 22), and  Advocacy and Financial Management  for Health 
NGOs (by Kaisha Atakhanova and Nurlan Eskendirov, June 4 9).  
On June 13, the NGO Council of Karaghandy oblast was formed to develop NGO partnership 
with state bodies and the public. The Council hel a press conference that was covered by the local 
Community Outreach 
The CSSC participated in number of social events, including: 
A youth drug prevention roundtable under the social partnership program in cooperation with the 
Kazakhstan's Youth Informational Service and the Oblast Department of Public Health; 
 Caravan of Health  Action on Health Day (April 7) in cooperation with the Oblast Department 
of Public Health and the Department of Culture, Information and Public Accord;  
 Central Park Improvement  Action designed by ECO; 
 NGO Tax Collection  seminar, conducted by the public fund Tax Environment Development 
with financial support from Soros Kazakhstan Fund; 
 Fundraising  and  Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation  with a subsequent assessment of 
 Women Leadership  program in Atbasar and Stepnogorsk of Akmola oblast; 
CSSC launched its program activity after participation in PCAP training, and with initiative 
groups, conducted participatory appraisals in the communities of Shashubai Village of Aq Toghai 
County and the city of Qaraghandy.    

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