CSSC organized PCA in Shuchinsk County for  Public Center for Employment , and provided 
 Garden  NGO with PCA methodical recommendations.  
In May, CSSC conducted PCA for community members of the Center for Children's Social 
Adaptation in Family Medical Center DEMEU. 
During the visit of Raushan Amanzhanova, Regional Community Outreach Coordinator on June 4 
  6, the Center organized a number of events:  
Site visit to NADEZHDA suburb community aimed at monitoring of its project 
sustainability and development; 
Site visit to Mutual Aid Center and its service development in the Children's Center; 
Round Table on Community Outreach to exchange an expertise in community 
mobilization development and PCA; 
Workshops with CSSC associates to inform of the center's activity in community 
In May, CSSC conducted plan to form an advocacy group of local NGO activists. The first 
meeting covered the issues of the group's action plan design, government body formation, design 
of information supplies for NGOs, planning of joint advocacy actions & campaigns, and training 
& consultation service  
In April, CSSC organized the meeting with Volunteer Center to discuss further work agreements 
with volunteers. In the Support Center, a new volunteer started consulting women organizations 
on weekly basis.   
3. Entrepreneurship Development Agency SMEDA, Aktobe oblast, Aktobe 
Internal Capacity Building 
In early May, Abai Myrkhin, an Executive Director of SMEDA, participated in the Conference 
for the National League of Trainers to share and enhance his expertise in training.  
The International City Managers Association (ICMA) organized and conducted a TOT (June 10 
20) to build the capacity of the CSSC. 24 representatives of local universities and 6 members of 
Aktobe NGOs participated in the training. 
Community Outreach 
Five national and regional newspapers and three radio stations aired comprehensive stories about 
the CSSC's ongoing activity. In addition, the national TV channel informed the public about the 
ongoing projects on restoration of the rural club in Karazhar village of Baighanin district, Aktobe 
oblast, and the building of a children's playground in Aktobe neighborhoods. DemOrda NGO 
manages the project with consultations and technical support from SMEDA. The NGO and 
Tandem LTD received $5,000 from the Soros Kazakhstan Foundation to conduct a training 
program on social partnership for regional journalists. 
On May 13, Dilyara Temirbaeva, Program Coordinator, participated in the regional seminar 
entitled  The NGO sector in Kazakhstan: Problems and Prospects  held in Aktau and initiated by 
the Department of Internal Policy of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Public Accord. The 
seminar provided information on the State Support Program for Non Governmental Organizations 
in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period of 2003 2005. 
Due to the high interest of international organizations in the CSSC, Rinad Temirbekov, Program 
Coordinator of the Eurasia Foundation, visited SMEDA on May 16 to discuss the prospect of a 
joint social project with the Support Center, the public fund Business Center and regional Akimat. 
In April, Kairat Kunshashev, Program Manager, participated in seminar  Social Partnership , 
initiated by the Confederation of Non governmental Organizations of Kazakhstan in Oral, 
Western Kazakhstan. Representatives of the oblast & district maslikhat, akimat, local NGOs and 
business structures participated in the seminar that covered mechanisms for social partnership 
among three sectors in social problem solving and prospects for formation of Interaction Councils 
on poverty reduction programs.  
In late April, in the framework of community ecological program, CSSC participated in the 
campaign on planting local neighborhoods with trees & gardens with participation of over 60 

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