lack of water supply as one of the main problems in community hostel. The appraisal in Kaskelen 
village involved farmer women, a target community of Association of Business Women. 
Community Action Plans were designed for both above noted rural groups. 
The Support Center provided its community based organizations (CBO) with over 50 
consultations, mainly in community project design. The Grant Committee examined 8 out of 11 
project proposals, submitted to CSSC, including  Center for Computer Literacy of the Society of 
Disabled People of Auezov District ,  Water Supply in Community Hostel ,  Poverty Reduction 
in Rural Women Communities of Almaty Oblast ,  Power Supply in Almaly micro district , 
Granary Building in Incubator Community , and  Organization of Meeting Club .  Water Supply 
in Community Hostel  (SALAUAT NGO),  Water Supply  in Besaghash micro district  
(BASPANA NGO), and  Overhaul of Irrigation Canal  (Association of Rural Women of Talghar 
County .  
Galym Zhukupbayev, Program Coordinator, participated in monitoring & evaluation of the 
project named  Heating System Building in the Community Hostel ZHAS QANAT . Jointly with 
associates of BASPANA, an interview was conducted in the community's initiative group. In 
addition, monitoring was carried out in other community projects    Greenhouse Building  (Aq 
Bota NGO),  Ceramic Folk Art Production in NADEZHDA community  (City Center of Women 
Initiatives), and  AZAMAT Farmers' Community Development  (Association of Farmers). New 
recommendations on effective project management were designed in the monitoring process.  
The Center cooperated with BASPANA NGO in realization of community initiatives in the joint 
project named  Adaptation of Women Repatriates (Oralman). The project is to be submitted to 
the Canadian Agency for International Development.  
On April 22   25, the Support Center conducted PCA training for UNDP in Aral region.  
6 volunteers worked in Zhalghas Counterpart to provide assistance in community outreach 
program and PCA.   
2. Agency for Social Technologies and Development, Akmola oblast, Astana 
Internal Capacity Building 
On April 19, the Support Center in Astana was officially registered as a Public Association called 
the Agency for Social Technologies and Development. Erlan Aliev, Program Officer, designed 
the new organizational rules. The Agency prepared documents to open its new banking account, 
according to new official status. The staff designed informational supplies, including booklets, a 
banner and other pamphlets. In the middle of May, Counterpart Kazakhstan facilitated a meeting 
with local staff to develop a strategic plan and define the mission for the Agency. An Employee 
Appraisal process was conducted to evaluate development of local personnel.  
On May 14, the Agency hired a new accountant, Gulnara Kazhenova. The staff familiarized 
Gulnara with the local financial activities and consulted in various issues of grant program, 
organizational status and development. The accountant drew up a tax report on the NGO financial 
Marat Aitmagambetov, Country Director, and Julia Anichshenko, Regional Financial Manager, 
oversaw program activity and performed a financial audit for the Astana Support Center. 
Erlan Aliev and Bibigul Salykova participated in the INTRAC training on report design and 
Counterpart's seminar on M&E in Almaty. 
Community Outreach 
Raushan Amanzhanova, Regional Community Outreach Program Coordinator, conducted a visit 
aimed at the Agency's capacity building in community mobilization process in Akmola region.  
Marat Aitmagambetov, Country Director, and Julia Anichshenko, Regional Financial Manager, 
oversaw all program activity and performed the financial audit in the Astana Support Center 
related to the registration of the Astana CSSC as a social organization.  
In April, Bibigul' Salykova was appointed Community Outreach Coordinator. In this connection, 
CSSC designed 6 months Action Plan.  
The Center consulted 7 community project proposals. The project  Development of Sport 
Cultural Center RODNIC  was approved for grant disbursement by the country Grant Committee. 

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