1. Zhalghas Counterpart, Almaty oblast, Almaty 
Internal Capacity Building 
Alibi Jangildin, Director of Zhalghas Center, performed an employee appraisal to evaluate local 
Alibi Jangildin conducted OD consulting with the focus NGO Alem Komek and received an 
analyzed success stories. 
Renata Khassanova, Office Manager, took part in the regional training  Organizational 
Development , held in KazZhol Club (Almaty, April 22 26).  
On April 25, training on cost sharing entitled  NGO and Community  took place jointly with the 
client NGO Aq Niet Bota. Local NGOs, state bodies and business structures in Shu participated.  
Galym Zhukupbayev, Program Coordinator, participated in INTRAC's meeting to discuss civil 
society development, institutional progress, M&E processes with representatives of international 
organizations and local NGOs.  
Galym Zhukupbayev met Asel' Omarova, a Coordinator of Dutch Interchurch Aid, to share 
experiences in community initiatives and rural NGO and discuss the prospects for future 
A Training of Trainers (TOT) was conducted in Zhalgas Center on May 13 17. Askar Kaliev, 
Program Assistant, participated in the seminar to serve as a trainer in the CSSC and to be actively 
involved in the Counterpart's training program. 
Alibi Jangildin participated in the regional training on fundraising, held in KazZhol Club 
(Almaty, May 13 17), to deepen his skills in fundraising consulting for the center's clients. 
Galina Janabaeva, Accountant, took part in the M&E workshop (Almaty, Karghaly Sanatorium, 
May 27 31). This will enhance project evaluation to be implemented by the Center. 
Galym Zhukupbayev took part in the conference  Women's Mobilization in Rural Areas of 
Kazakhstan as a Factor of Democratic Development and Socio Economic Revival , initiated by 
the Association of Eastern Women on May 28 29. 
Galym Zhukupbayev participated in the country training on advanced fundraising (Zhalgas 
Center, June 17 18) to deepen his skills in fundraising consulting for the center's clients.  
Galym Zhukupbayev took part in regional TOT on social partnership (June 24 28) to develop an 
updated module for the clients. 
To develop the sustainability of Zhalgas Counterpart, Alibi Jangildin designed a partner project 
proposal called  Combating Xenophobia  in collaboration with Robert Cox, Director of 
Counterpart Deutschland. The project is to be submitted to EU TACIS by July 29. 
Community Outreach 
Aziza Imangalieva, Office Manager, and Galym Zhukupbayev participated in the training on 
participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (June 20 21).  
Zhalghas Counterpart in cooperation with UNDP in Aral of Kzyl Orda oblast conducted a 
seminar entitled  Participatory Community Appraisal  on April 22 25 to help the NGOs of the 
Aral Sea region improve their social problem solving skills. 
Due to the completion of the Promoting Refugees Integration and Adaptation project (PRIA), 
staff duties were redirected toward the M&E project and OD program. Askhat Bekzhanov (PRIA 
Program Manager) was appointed the M&E Project Manager in CSSC Zhalghas Center and 
Country Reporting Manager. 
The Center focused on the following tasks: PCA performance & CAP design; examination & 
consulting of community project design; and monitoring & evaluation of community projects.  
Zhalghas Counterpart conducted PCAs in target communities of SALAUAT, Kazakh Association 
of Sight impaired Sportsmen, and Association of Business Women. PCA in Shamolghan village 
with participation of Kazakh repatriates (oralmans), SALAUAT's target community, revealed 

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