on the results of this training an advanced fundraising training was conducted for Counterpart's 
staff on June 15 17. Five Hub Center Coordinators as well as 12 CSSC Coordinators and 
Managers participated in the training.  
June 24 28: the Hub Center Coordinator, Maria Gataullina, Kokand Coordinator, Gulasal 
Khamdamova, Urgench CSSC Coordinator, Natalya Sirenko and Tashkent Contract Trainer, 
Albina Sabirova, participated in the regional training on social partnership conducted in Almaty. 
During the reporting period, 19 representatives from the Hub Center and the CSSCs participated 
in 11 trainings. The Contract Trainers from each region of Uzbekistan participated 70 times in 16 
trainings as participants (53 times) and as observers (17 times). Six Hub Center staff members, 7 
CSSC staff members and more then 20 contract trainers all over Uzbekistan participated in the 
training on the legal regulation of NGOs in Uzbekistan conducted by the International Center for 
Non for Profit Law (ICNL). 
May 14 17: Hub Center Program Director, Dina Mukhamadieva, and Coordinator, Bobur 
Turdiev, participated in the International Conference on From effective network to effective 
networking conducted in Sochi. 
The CO Coordinator, Bobur Turdiev, participated in the regional workshop on community driven 
development conducted in Tirana, Albania. He facilitated discussion in working group. 
Training Activity 
During April, the Bukhara CSSC Manager, Zaynab Salieva, prepared a draft of the manual to the 
Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation training. On April 9 10, a Participatory Monitoring and 
Evaluation training was conducted in Bukhara in order to test newly developed Module.  
Also during the reporting period, manuals on facilitation skills development and Advocacy were 
translated into English and distributed among the CSSCs, and training program evaluation 
questionnaires for the Support Centers were developed to use during OD consultancy with CSSCs. 
The Kokand Contract Trainer, Dilzoda Akhmedova, prepared the plan for the Advanced Fundraising 
training. Training on NGOs and the community was conducted for deputy Khokims (heads of Women 
Committees) of Tashkent Oblast; 27 people participated. The training received some coverage on TV 
and newspaper. Additionally, an adopted training on NGOs and the community was conducted for the 
NGO Association of Law Students to prepare them to become Counterpart's future volunteers.  
Organizational Development 
From March to April 2002, a Hub Center personnel assessment was conducted with each member of 
staff. A new format of the Professional Development Plan for Hub Staff was used to including the 
goals for professional and personal development that were identified by Performance Appraisals. 
An OD Questionnaire for client organizations was developed to get the needs of clients for OD 
consultancy. As a result, OD assessments were designed based on the needs of the organizations. The 
clients have benefited from this approach of consultancy from the Hub Center. OD consultancies were 
conducted with Nukus SC (8 10 April), Samarkand SC (25 26 April), Namangan SC (7 9 May), 
Kokand SC (22 24 May), and Urgench SC (30 31 May). 
Also, Regional OD consultants Elizabeth Comolli and Janna Rysakova conducted an OD consultancy 
of the Hub Center in mid June 2002. As a result, a Change Management Team (CMT) consisting of 9 
people was created to lead the process of change in the Hub Center. This team is working in 
accordance with an action plan developed and approved during the OD consultancy. 
On June 5, a final version of the action plan for fundraising strategy was prepared and sent to the 
regional office. 
During a three month period, two case management meetings were conducted to follow up with past 
action plans and create new action plans according to the needs of Client Organizations. 

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