The Ashgabad CSSC started using its community skills with the NGOs Lukman Hakim,  Keik 
Okara, Meyletinchi, and Achyk Gapy, which conduct PCAs in Ashgabad and Akhal velayat. 
The Lebap CSSC identified refugee communities in Hojambaz, Halach, Serdarabat, and Niyazov 
etraps and developed an action plan to conduct PCAPs in these targeted communities. 
The Dashoguz CSSC continued its work with target communities in Ak Depe etrap and it is 
expected that three communities will develop CAG proposals by the end of July. 
Network Development 
During the reported period two network meetings were held in April and June. During the 
meeting in April, CSSCs and the Hub Center discussed the following topics: training plans; CSSC 
action plans for the next year; the status of the grant program; and network development. They 
also reviewed the strategic plan and set up the next steps for network development, including 
registration and a fundraising system for the financial sustainability of the network. 
At the network meeting held on June 14 15 the implementation of the strategic plan was reviewed 
and the issue of opening a CSSC in Turkmenbashi city was discussed. A one day adapted training 
on Fundraising and stakeholder analysis was conducted for program and CSSC staff. The new 
Counterpart chart was introduced and it will be used and tested for two months. Participants also 
discussed the authority of staff in the decision making process. A tentative agenda for the next 
networking meeting includes the following items: The draft Charter; a half day workshop on 
authority of staff in the decision making process; and updating the strategic plan.  
A concept paper for TACIS was discussed with both local and regional program staff as well as 
Counterpart Washington representatives. The concept paper was completed and submitted to 
Activity Overview 
On June 19, 2002, there was a large Practical Conference in Tashkent devoted to civil society 
development in Uzbekistan conducted by Counterpart. Excluding the Hub Center staff more then 90 
representatives of NGOs, state structures and business associations all over Uzbekistan were invited. 
More than 70 of those 90 participated in the Conference. The Conference had three theoretical reports 
and two small group sessions. The theoretical reports were: 
Historical Concepts of Civil Society Theory, by Victoria Levinskaya, PhD Candidate, National 
University of Uzbekistan; 
Measures of Civil Society, by D. Stevens, PhD Candidate, School of Oriental and African 
Factors and Forces Influencing the Development of Civil Society, PhD Candidate, National 
University of Uzbekistan 
The Small group sessions were on the current state of civil society in Uzbekistan and the vision of 
civil society in Uzbekistan. The results of the Conference are to be used in developing Counterpart's 
strategy for the future. 
Also during June 2002, Arlene Lear, Senior Vice president of Counterpart International visited 
Counterpart Uzbekistan 
Staff Development 
April 15 16: Six Hub Center staff members, and 10 CSSCs' staff members from all of the CSSCs 
participated in the training Facilitation Skills Development in Tashkent. 
April 22 27: the Hub Center Coordinator, Shakhrukh Makhkamdjanov, and Deputy Director, 
Azam Babkhodjaev, participated in the regional training on organizational development and 
consultative skills development conducted in Almaty. 
May 13 17: the Hub Center OD Coordinator, Akmal Roustamov, and Financial Manager, Khamid 
Kashaev, Tashkent CSSC Coordinator, Farkhad Atadjanov, and Kokand CSSC contract trainer, 
Dilzoda Akhmedova, participate in the regional fundraising training conducted in Almaty. Based 

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