Staff Changes and Development 
In order to improve the effective implementation of the program and promote the localization 
process a new management structure for Counterpart was developed and its approbation started. 
In the last quarter, Organizational Development Manager A. Ataev and Grant Manager M. 
Rozyev left Counterpart and O. Ataeva, V. Kosarev and B. Jumaeva were hired as Organizational 
Development, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator and Grant Manager accordingly.  
The Organizational Management Advisor Eric Blender joined Counterpart Turkmenistan. 
Senior Health Advisor, Mered Annamukhamedov, Program Manager Irina Dedova and 
Community Outreach, Jeren Khakyeva participated in Regional Community Outreach Workshop 
in April.  
Jeren Khakyeva, Community Outreach Coordinator, attended the advanced regional trainings in 
Almaty on Fundraising in May and Social Partnership in June.  
Pavel Kharitinov, Informational Technology Advisor, and Nargiza Meylieva, Lebap CSSC 
Manager, attended the advanced regional training on Fundraising in Almaty in May.  
Vladimir Kosarev, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, participated in the INTRAC 
conference  Growing Civil Society in Central Asia: International and Local Perspectives in 
Khadjarbibi Yelamanova, Manager of Ashgabat CSSC, participated in seminars:  NGOs Role In 
Public Opinion Formation In The Sphere Of Natural Resources Management  and  The Forming 
Of Public Opinion And Social Significant Intelligence  in Tashkent organized by the USAID 
funded project  Improvement Of Natural Resource Management In Central Asia Region . 
A course in Turkmen language was conducted for staff.  
The Counterpart staff with the facilitation of Management Advisor and Acting Country Director 
participated in a workshop on the decision making process and delegation of responsibilities 
within the network. 
Training Highlights 
During the reporting period 16 trainings were conducted for 274 participants from 178 NGOs. Out of 
16 trainings 6 were conducted in Lebap and Dashoguz velayats. Three trainings were conducted in 
Turkmen language. A training of trainers on  NGO and Community  was conducted for the new 15 
Turkmen speaking trainers (4 from Dashoguz; 5 from Lebap; and 6 from Ashgabad). During the 
quarter each CSSC started hosting monthly trainers meetings.  
Organizational Development 
The organizational development action plan for the year of 2002 2003 was developed with the 
Dashoguz and Lebap CSSCs.  
Hiring procedures were updated and an interview process was developed and introduced. 
A salary survey in Ashgabad was conducted to review the staff salaries. 
Job descriptions for staff were reviewed with extensive consultation from the Deputy Regional 
Director and Regional Program Manager.  
During the reporting period three case management meetings were conducted to identify potential 
problems of CSSCs and target NGOs.  
Community Outreach 
During this quarter the Community Outreach program implemented activities in three specific 
regions: Ahal, Lebap, and Dashoguz:  
From June 20 23 a training on PCA was conducted in Ashgabad for fifteen NGOs and initiative 
groups from Ashgabad city, Akhal, Balkan, Lebap, Mary, and Dashoguz velayats. The PCA 
training module was then adapted according to the local specifics. 
The Ashgabad CSSC continued to facilitate the PCAP process with the local NGOs Women 
Resource Center of Turkmen University,  Ecological School of Farmer, and Family, Mercy and 
Health  in selected communities in Buzmein city with the Orphans' School, Cementnyi gorodok 
Residences, the Buzmein Dormitory for Women Workers, and the Peasants' Union of Gavers 
etrap of Akhal velayat.  

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