delays were attributed to problems with the power supply authorities and the difficulty the 
communities faced in purchasing some of the materials based on the initial budget.  
As part of Counterpart Tajikistan's strategy of applying lessons learned to the program, in the future 
program staff will factor in some of the budgetary problems that several of the communities have 
faced when reviewing future CAGs proposals. 
Network Development 
In April, Counterpart Tajikistan extended the Partnership Agreement with all the CSSCs until the end 
of March 2003. Counterpart, in consultation with the CSSCs, developed a new budget for each CSSC 
and approved it. Two CSSC Network meetings were held during this quarter.  
In June, Counterpart Tajikistan conducted a special session on Fundraising with the representatives of 
all the CSSCs. Sanavbar Imomnazarova, a contract trainer who participated in the Advanced 
Fundraising TOT in Almaty, facilitated the workshop. A practical session was held to identify further 
steps for fundraising activity. As a result of the discussions all the participants agreed to take further 
steps on to develop fundraising plans and to develop a fundraising work plan for the Network for the 
remaining period of the Phase III Program.  
At the same meeting members of the CSSC Network discussed the Charter of the future Network. 
Staff members from the Hub Center and the CSSCs finalized the mission of the Network, which is: 
Promoting the sustainability of the CSSCs by combining efforts and exchanging experiences and 
information in order to develop civil society in Tajikistan. During the meeting the participants also 
decided to create a Coordination Counsel, which includes the CSSC Directors, Deputy Directors and 
Program Staff members from the Hub Center. The Coordination Counsel will coordinate the activities 
of the Network until the By laws, the Network structure, and a governing body have been established.   
Activity Overview 
During this quarter, the Hub Center solicited proposals for a CSSC institutional grant in Balkan 
velayat. The team, consisting of the Program Manager, Organizational Development and Community 
Outreach Coordinator, conducted organizational assessments of four NGOs, who submitted a letter of 
interest in reply to our solicitation. The assessments revealed that none of the organizations were 
strong enough to be partners so Counterpart will be establishing a Center. As such, we have 
postponed the opening of a branch office in Turkmenbashy city to allow for time to hire and train new 
staff and undergo the rigorous and time consuming process of getting permission from the local 
government to set up a branch office. In the interim, Counterpart will continue to provide services, 
such as basic organizational development trainings and roundtables in topics such as Social 
Partnership,  Volunteer Recruitment and Management, and NGO Networking, in Balkan velayat 
through existing NGO groups.  
Visits by the Regional and Counterpart International Support Personnel 
Senior Vise President of Counterpart International Arlene Lear and Regional Program Manager 
Ara Nazinyan visited Turkmenistan. During their visit they met with USAID Turkmenistan 
Country Representative Bradford Camp, US Ambassador in Turkmenistan L. Kennedy and the 
Advisor to the EU's TACIS Program Michael Wilson to discuss Counterpart's current program 
and opportunities for cooperation beyond March 2003. 
The Regional Training and Community Outreach Coordinators Ulzhan Kanzhygalina and 
Raushan Amanzhanova visited Turkmenistan to monitor the training and community outreach 
Regional Finance Director Bob Abma, Deputy Finance Director Yana Dobranravova visited 
Turkmenistan to monitor the grant program implementation in Turkmenistan. 

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