on both national and local levels, can better cooperate with local NGOs to achieve mutual objectives. 
NGO representatives from all over the country, the heads of various government ministries from the 
Republic of Tajikistan, as well as the representatives from a number of foreign embassies and 
international organizations, and members of the local press took part in the meetings.  
A total of 123 people participated in the second part of the Conference. In the second part of the 
conference the participants worked in four groups: 
Civil society, democratization, human rights, and mass media 
Small and medium business development, and agriculture 
Community development, and poverty alleviation.  
Health, environment, education, women youth and children, and vulnerable categories of 
At the final session the four groups presented a summarized list of recommendations on how the 
Government of Tajikistan and local NGOs can engage in effective partnerships. One of the problems 
that NGOs had been facing was a lack of access to government controlled mass media outlets. As a 
result of the conference, the President instructed the director of the State TV and Radio Committee to 
cover the activities of local NGOs. The following week the State TV televised special reports on the 
Social Partnership Conference and in addition televised three other programs focusing on the work of 
local NGOs. Counterpart Tajikistan and AED are working on developing regional follow up 
Community Outreach 
This quarter Counterpart Tajikistan's Community Outreach Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation 
Coordinator, Grant Coordinator and Grant Coordinator Assistant visited all the community action 
projects funded by Counterpart. In total 21 Community Action Grants (CAG) have been approved by 
Counterpart under the Phase III Program and by the end of the last quarter almost all of these projects 
were completed. Counterpart Tajikistan plans to fund almost twenty additional projects by the end of 
the Phase III Project. 
In the Karategin Valley, three CAGs  were successfully completed this quarter. Two of the projects 
addressed a drinking water supply problem and one project involved the rehabilitation of a bridge. In 
the Khatlon Province, four CAGs are being successfully implemented and will be completed by the 
end of the next quarter. Three communities are working on a water supply system and one community 
is rehabilitating a school. During a site visit, Counterpart's program staff discovered that two 
communities were behind schedule. The program staff discussed the issue with the Initiative Groups 
of these two communities and agreed to revise the timeframe for their Community Action Plans. The 
communities have learned how to involve the local government as social partners in almost all of the 
Counterpart's NGO partners in Gorno Badakhshan, Kalam and Madad, successfully accomplished 
Participatory Community Appraisals (PCA) in three communities and are presently working on 
completing their CAGs awarded by Counterpart Tajikistan. Although the communities have enjoyed a 
high level of community mobilization, all of the projects are somewhat behind schedule. At the 
request of the communities Counterpart extended the duration of the grant terms. The main reason for 
that is an increase in the cost of water pipes, since all the projects concern water supply problems; the 
communities have had to find cheaper pipes from a greater distance at their own expense. 
Counterpart's NGO partners have provided additional support to help the communities solve project 
In the Sughd Province, four CAGs have been completed in accordance with their action plans. One of 
the projects that was initiated and supported by the Public Consultative Group, a social partnership 
group, was a natural gas supply project for a small community in the city of Khujand. The project was 
completed ahead of time. Three rural water supply projects were completed after minor delays. The 

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