Security Situation 
The security situation on the Tajik  Afghan boarder and in Northern Afghanistan has deteriorated this 
quarter. A number of Afghans have been captured or killed by the Russian border guards for trying to 
bring heroin into Tajikistan and some Tajik border guards have been wounded. In the area in and 
around Mazar Sharif, a city located directly south of Uzbekistan in Northern Afghanistan, three NGOs 
were robbed and one expatriate NGO worker was raped. In addition, two local staff members of 
Mercy Corp were shot and wounded in the town of Rustaq. The international NGO community has 
appealed to the UN to expand the international peace keeping forces to Northern Afghanistan.  
The overall security situation in most of Tajikistan and Dushanbe seems to be good, but a major 
typhoid outbreak has occurred in both Dushanbe and southern Tajikistan. 
Activity Overview 
Staff Changes in Hub Center 
Barno Gaibullaeva, the Community Outreach Coordinator, resigned after six years at Counterpart 
Tajikistan to work for UNICEF. Counterpart has appointed Lola Nazarova as the Acting Community 
Outreach Coordinator. Ms. Nazarova did an outstanding job as the Community Reconciliation and 
Development Coordinator and has experience working on community mobilization activities. The 
assignment is temporary because she is scheduled to be the Project Coordinator of ABT s Zdravplus 
starting in September. The search for a full time CO Coordinator continues. 
Farishtamo Ofaridaeva, the Training Coordinator, has also resigned from her position upon 
completing her probation period. Counterpart has appointed Shoira Zuhurova as the new Training 
Coordinator. Mrs. Zuhurova formerly worked as the Secretary for Counterpart Tajikistan before 
joining the World Bank. She has a good understanding of the civil society issues and the overall work 
of Counterpart.  
Regional Consultants Visit Tajikistan 
Arlene Lear, Senior Vice President at Counterpart International, and Jay Cooper, the Regional 
Director, visited the Tajikistan office this quarter. They met with the staff members and visited the 
Kurghon Teppa and Dushanbe Civil Society Support Centers and the community projects in the 
Dushanbe area. 
The Regional Financial Director, Bob Abma, visited Counterpart Tajikistan to work with the 
Financial Officer and the Country Director on spending plans. He also consulted with the Grant 
Coordinator and Grant Coordinator Assistant and gave recommendations and comments on how to 
improve the grant filing process and the monitoring of grants. 
Grant Programs 
USAID, The Office of Democracy and Mass Media, has awarded Counterpart Tajikistan additional 
grant funds for use under the Phase III Program in the amount of $250,000. These funds have been 
budgeted for use under Counterpart's Institutional, NGO Support and Community Action Grants 
programs. Counterpart developed a plan for using the funds and completing the entire process by the 
end of the Phase III Program. It is anticipated that the NGO Support and Community Action Grants 
will be administered through the CSSCs. The Country Director and the Program Staff introduced and 
explained the strategy to the CSSCs in the last Network's meeting. Grant funds will be distributed in 
the following way: CSSCs for projects that focus on sustainability; target NGOs that have not 
received a grant from Counterpart under Phase III; non target NGOs working with community 
development projects; Youth NGOs; and CSSCs for communities that have developed Community 
Action Plans and have applied for support. 

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