Grant Activities 
To date, the CSSCs of Jalal Abad, Kerben, Karakol, Nookat, Osh, and Talas have conducted grant 
review meetings, reviewing 35 proposals and recommending 20 for funding. The Bishkek Grant 
Committee, which makes the final decision on grants, approved 11 projects totaling $ 22,750. Each 
CSSC has a limit of $ 7,000 for their grant portfolio.  
During the reporting period, 29 projects were successfully completed. The main observations based 
on final reports and monitoring visits include: 
Initiative groups intend to ensure the projects' transparency by publishing information on the 
projects' expenses, installing information kiosks, producing flyers and establishing auditing 
commissions elected by community members. 
The grantees, their implementing partners and co sponsors (local government, private companies 
and individuals) fulfilled their obligations towards the projects and made contributions either in 
cash or in kind. Communities with support of local authorities solved several problems 
experienced due to an unexpected shortage of funds, exchange rate fluctuations, and unforeseen 
technical problems. For example, the local government of Aigul Tash Vl. (Batken oblast) 
provided equipment for a pump station and salary for the guards, this was not included to the 
original budget from the outset, the Ak Bosogo Village administration (Chuy Oblast) donated 
water pipes worth of $350 to extend the main waterline built during the project implementation. 
All of the grantees developed mechanisms for collecting money and for maintaining any 
infrastructure rehabilitated during the projects. Despite commitments to provide funds from the 
communities, the grantees experienced difficulties because many individuals have seasonal 
incomes, so they can pay only after the harvest. Thus, many communities decided to collect 
money in the beginning of fall. The Krasnaya Rechka Vl. community (Chuy Oblast) organized a 
charity marathon to maintain the kindergarten and collected more than 21,000 soms ($ 450). 
Conflict Mitigation Grant Program  
USAID announced a small grants program in the Batken Oblast aimed at supporting peace building 
and conflict mitigation initiatives of local NGOs/CBOs. Last quarter, the grant review board, 
consisting of seven people representing four local NGOs, two state entities, and one international 
organization, approved nine proposals totaling $14,915. To date, the grant contracts were signed and 
the first installments were made to the grantees. 
Database and Web Site 
During this quarter, the following have been recorded in the log file of the CANGO.NET Web Site: 
209,038 successful hits (English version  49,291, Russian version  159,797), of which US 
visitors comprised 30.6% of the hits and international users made up 69.4% of the hits on the 
English version; 21% of hits on the Russian version were from US. 
20,111 visits (English version  5,996, Russian version  14,115)  
10,657 unique visitors (English version  3,104, Russian version  7,533) 
The NGO Database (NGODB), NGO Homepages, an NGO Electronic Library, NGO related news 
articles, other links, and bulletin boards are made available on the Web Site. This quarter, 8 
homepages were updated (4 Russian and 4 English versions). The total number of NGO homepages is 
208 (139 in Russian and 69 in English). The Hub Center continues to distribute information on 
funding opportunities to local NGOs through the NGONEWS mailing list. 
Counterpart s Web Developer, Igor Mironov, and the Washington Information Strategies Coordinator, 
Valery Orekhov, hosted the CAALS project website; it includes procedures to automate the 
publishing of conflict resolution related materials. The Bishkek Web Developer has designed and 
established the website for the project at . The website appears in Russian for 
the convenience of local users. The following features have been created to date: a user registration 
module, a document catalog, a search menu, a stories archive, a download section, a module for pre 
moderated publishing, a user feedback form, and a module for administrators. 

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