The CO Coordinator, N. Satarov, participated in a regional workshop on participatory M&E held in 
Almaty on May 28  June 1. The CO Coordinators shared their experiences with program 
implementation and gained new skills in stakeholder analysis and planning and reporting on 
participatory M&E. The localization of grant committees and ensuring sustainability of the 
community projects was also discussed. 
The EC Project Manager, A. Alymkulova, the Senior Program Officers, A. Nusupov and E. 
Ubysheva, the EC Project Coordinator, A. Doranova, and the EC Project M&E Expert, A. Aitbaeva 
took part in the study tour in Germany held on May 25  July 9. Counterpart Germany organized the 
tour to learn about community foundations and the management of community owned assets. Shortly 
after the tour, the concept of community foundations was presented to the CSSCs at the network 
meeting held on June 23. 
Training Activity 
In line with institutional agreements with the CSSCs, contract trainers conducted 82 training 
workshops from 18 modules for 1,517 representatives of 921 NGOs/CBOs (see Attachment #2). The 
main accomplishments of Hub Center included: 
The OD re assessments indicated that the CSSCs needed to build the capacity of local contract 
trainers so they could deliver at least 7 basic modules. During the quarter, the Hub Center made 
significant efforts to building local training capacities: 8 experienced trainers/consultants from 
Bishkek delivered coaching to 40 CSSCs' trainers by conducting 12 basic and 4 advanced training 
The Hub Center monitored the implementation of the training program by the CSSCs. Based on 
the recommendations of the trainers/consultants from Bishkek streamlined training activities were 
developed and sent to all the CSSCs. 
The training programs database is being revised because discrepancies in the figures from the 
database and the training matrixes incorporated in quarterly reports were identified. The main 
reason for the discrepancies was the multiple funding sources for training activities. It was 
decided to create a special field in the database's framework describing funding source for each 
training workshop.  
The Hub Center conducted three country workshops for the CSSCs on participatory monitoring 
and evaluation (April 2 5), fundraising (June 17 20) and governance (June 21 22). 
The Training Coordinator, C. Akmatova, gave a presentation on the implementation of the training 
program at the country network meeting held on June 23. The main findings were discussed and the 
CSSCs made the following recommendations to the Hub Center: 
The CSSCs indicated that they need Kyrgyz versions of all basic training modules. To date only 4 
training modules have been translated into Kyrgyz: NGOs and the Community, Project Design, 
Social Partnership, and Public Education through Mass Media. Next quarter, the Hub Center will 
translate the other modules and send them to CSSCs. 
Since the southern CSSCs indicated that they do not have a sufficient number of trainers, the Hub 
Center scheduled a TOT on basic training skills for the CSSCs for the end of July 2002. 
The CSSCs stated that they needed to develop the skills to monitor the quality of training 
workshops conducted by local trainers. Consequently, the Hub Center has planned to increase 
coaching on M&E of training activities, and conduct more site visits to monitor training being 
delivered by local trainers. 
Organizational Development 
After a series of staff meetings discussing an organizational statute and structure, a local organization 
named Counterpart Sheriktesh was registered to fulfil the localization strategy for the Hub Center. As 
a first step in building its capacity, the newly established organization was given the responsibilities 
for the DFID funded project Rural Hygiene and Sanitation (implemented by WS Atkins). Staff 
performance appraisals   aimed at optimising and improving current job performance   were 
completed in April. Also, staff policy and internal regulations for the Hub Center were drafted. 

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