Assisting CSSCs to Organize Program Activity Through Consultations, Monitoring Visits and 
Quarterly Meetings 
The Hub Center staff conducted site visits to direct monitoring and consultations of CSSCs' ongoing 
program activities, and meet with members of the Support Centers and community organizations.  
In the framework of organizational development, Nurlan Zhumabekov (Community Outreach 
Coordinator) visited the Aktobe CSSC from April 14 17 to participate in a roundtable with the 
regional NGOs and analyze the local community outreach process. The importance of drawing rural 
areas into the Counterpart's training program was discussed. In the course of consulting the CSSC, the 
Director, Kairat Kunshashev, and Coordinator, Dilyara Temirbayeva, received practical 
recommendations on the further involvement of the communities in the mobilization process and the 
organization of local facilitators' team to PCAP. In the neighboring region of Kostanai, because of its 
high interest in the community outreach program, the Country office and local CSSC analyzed 
community mobilization programs. This research extended the contact database at the Kostanai 
Support Center.   
A quarterly meeting with the CSSCs on June 19 covered the organizational issues of conducting Local 
Grant Committees (LGC), community projects development including proposal and report design, the 
PCA, the community mobilization process, financial sustainability, and long term impacts. In 
addition, Nurlan Zhumabekov, a Community Outreach Coordinator, compiled a questionnaire 
addressed to the Almaty CSSC to examine capacity in problem solving in its community 
organizations. From the subsequent data analysis, the Support Center was able to define an outlook 
concerning its social partnership development in the region.   
CSSC Capacity Building in Evaluation of Community Projects 
For the first time in Kazakhstan, a co assessment of community project  The Installation of an 
Autonomous Heating System  in the Zhas Kanat hostel was conducted on June 3 5 by Raushan 
Amanzhanova (Regional Community Outreach Program Coordinator), Dana Amanova (Country 
Grant Manager), Galym Zhukupbayev (Zhalghas Coordinator), community (hostel) residents, 
members of the production cooperative society and the project managers of Baspana NGO. The joint 
assessment included documentation analysis (project proposal, financial, monitoring and narrative 
reports), examination of stakeholders, evaluation plan design, and design of project goals, indicators, 
and evaluation methods and tools. The co assessment process revealed a number of issues to be 
resolved according to the plan designed by the community.  
Staff Development and Changes 
The Office Manager, L. Kuchenova, left Counterpart for personal reasons. The management team of 
Counterpart decided to hire Ms. Elena Adkina to fill the Office Manager position. The OD 
Coordinator, V. Akhmetov, got the Regional Health Coordinator position and will be based in 
Almaty. The Counterpart management team also decided to move CO Coordinator, N. Satarov, to the 
OD Coordinator position, and Training Coordinator, C. Akmatova, to the CO Coordinator position. 
The Training Coordinator vacancy has been announced through newspapers, and interviews were 
scheduled for July 2002. 
The Senior Program Officer, A. Nusupov, the Training Coordinator, C. Akmatova, the Manager of the 
Naryn CSSC, E. Karypbay Uulu, and the Contract Trainer, D. Alyaeva, took part in the regional 
training on fundraising held in Almaty on May 13 17. As a result of the training, a draft plan on 
fundraising activities of the Hub Center and CSSCs was developed. 

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