municipal Maslikhat, Head of Coordination Council for Economic and Social development of the city 
of Kostanai), Galym Zhukupbayev (Zhalghas Program Coordinator) and Nurlan Zhumabekov 
(Community Outreach Coordinator) represented the country during the training. Representatives of 
state bodies provided the training participants with valuable recommendations on effective partnership 
with government structures. 
Organizational Development 
The Kazakhstan office launched a consulting action to facilitate the process of localization. Regional 
OD specialists Elizabeth Comolli and Janna Rysakova compiled data by conducting meetings and 
distributing a questionnaire survey among the staff and constituency members. Currently, the key 
points of the strategic plan are under consideration. A preliminary audit was performed for managers' 
team, and questionnaires were filled out under consultations provided by Counterpart's regional, 
financial and OD staff.  
A Senior Management Team was formed to bring effective interaction and coordination of the 
country's program departments. It has scheduled meetings on Mondays while general staff meetings 
will be conducted on every third Monday. The team consists of Marat Aitmagambetov (Country 
Manager), Jamila Asanova (Senior Program Officer), Julia Anishchenko (Financial Manager) and 
Alibi Jangildin (Zhalghas Director).  
M&E groups were formed and the Eurasia Foundation because of its familiarity with the projects to 
be assessed during the scheduled summer practicum. The M&E seminar's financial report has been 
compiled and submitted to Zhalghas' Accountant Department. Also, managing staff developed the 
program database, including correspondence, documents, contracts and other related work files. 
Counterpart Kazakhstan also undertook the following steps to build CSSC capacity: 
Training of Trainers (TOT) for CSSC members and regional young trainers; 
Fundraising seminar for CSSC members; 
Quarterly meeting with CSSC members; 
Two pilot trainings in Ust Kamenogorsk and Semipalatinsk in the framework of educational 
program for farmers.  
Community Outreach 
Skills Strengthening for M&E of Community Projects  
The CSSC capacity to consult its community projects was one of major issues during the reporting 
period. To improve, the Hub Center focused on:  
Comments on project proposals submitted by the communities, 
Examination of supplementary papers.  
Due to the improved communication with the Support Centers of Almaty, Astana, Ust Kamenogorsk, 
Karaghandy and Kostanai, the Hub Center was able coordinate the formulation of issues, as well as 
the definition of beneficiaries. In late April, three CSSCs (Astana, Ust Kamenogorsk and 
Karaghandy) proposed constructive concepts to increase stakeholders' contributions, expand service 
programs, and improved all projects' financial sustainability. On the March 20, the regular Grant 
Committee approved six projects out of 14 examined proposals. The approved project proposals 
corresponded to the program of Community Outreach as they were organized to solve the problems in 
water supply, land reclamation, unemployment and social development in rural areas in Almaty, 
Akmola, East Kazakhstan and Kostanai regions of Kazakhstan (see attachment #1 for a complete list). 

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