Participation of trainers from the CA region, guided by an experienced colleague from 
Russia, resulted in broadened skills necessary for providing advanced trainings on SP; and  
Distribution of an electronic e mail network of participants. 
Advocacy Campaign on Recalling of Decree #20  About publishing activity  in Kyrgyzstan. On 
January 14 2002 the President of the Kyrgyz Republic this restrictive document, which required 
licensing of all publishing activities. The NGOs have been campaigning against this Decree for 
several months and through diligent planning and cooperation they have been successful in 
getting it repealed. 
Monitoring and Evaluation 
According to goals and objectives of Hub Center and CSSC localization, the process of further 
conveying skills and knowledge in participatory M&E continued during the quarter. 
PM&E Training. In April 2002, the PM&E training was held in Bishkek for 11 CSSCs with the 
attendance and supervision of the regional M&E staff. The CSSC managers and coordinators 
learned advantages and difficulties of participatory M&E, instruments and ways to involve 
communities in the PM&E process for community projects funded by Counterpart. The 
participatory model of M&E has been further adjusted to the program needs and introduced 
during the Quarterly Community Outreach Coordinators' meeting on April 30
   May 1
 2002 to 
CO PCs and Grant Managers.  
Regional Database. The thorough review of methods and reporting formats contributed to the 
update of the regional database, consisted previously of monitoring reports from three countries, 
with the monitoring reports for community projects from Kyrgyzstan. Community project 
implementation tracking through the regional database is now only missing the CAG monitoring 
reports from Turkmenistan.  
Staff Appointments. In this quarter, the M&E staff has been appointed in Turkmenistan Hub 
center. The revision of job description, orientation and extensive consultations were provided to 
M&E staff in monitoring and evaluation program requirements for community projects and in 
accordance with the preferences of participatory M&E such as: 
Mobilize local community by providing them program ownership;  
Assure that evaluation is designed to examine key program issues; and  
Increase the chances that evaluation would contribute to program improvement. 
Performance Review. In this quarter, the performance review by target level for March 31, 2002 
was conducted. The analysis of performance by countries was prepared with the use of Regional 
Database. The findings were presented at the quarterly Country Directors' meeting on May 29
Monitoring Systems. Significant efforts were devoted to designing the system for training 
program monitoring and evaluation and Community Outreach Program M&E system with the use 
of Logical Framework methodology. Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Training Program 
was developed by the Regional office to help managers to track and make decisions on 
implementation of the Phase III goals and objectives. Country Training Coordinators will adapt 
the M&E System for their country activities based on the country specific strategy. Regional IT 
Manager and Training Coordinator started to work on the development of the Management 
Information System to be implemented regionally.  

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