Training Activities 
This quarter advanced training activities to build the capacity of the staff of CSSCs and Hub Centers 
continued. Counterpart organized regional trainings in fundraising and social partnership.  
Regional Advanced Training in Fundraising, May 13 17, 2002, Almaty. This training focused 
on diversifying sources of income and funding. Participants, CSSCs and Hub Center managers 
responsible for fundraising activities received knowledge and skills in developing a fundraising 
strategy and plan for their organizations. The consultants for the training were Dmitry Grigoriev, 
Marshak Foundation (Russia) and Vladimir Vainer, National Guild of Fundraisers (Russia). 
Natalya Yantsen, Director of Tax Standards Formation Fund, Almaty presented legal issues 
affecting fundraising in Central Asian countries. A new training module was drafted by 
participating contract trainers, which will be used for training a wide number of NGOs throughout 
the region. 
Regional Training in Social Partnership, June 24 28, 2002, Almaty. This training aimed at both 
bringing in new expertise as well as summarizing local experience in social partnership since the 
beginning of the Counterpart's activities in Central Asia. Galina Tsarkova, a consultant from Tver 
Humanitarian Urban Institute, Russia and local trainers Sagyngaly Elkeev, Almaty and Albina 
Sabirova, Tashkent, conducted the workshop. This training joined social partners representing 
society sectors: local government officials and NGOs having successful experience in mobilizing 
resources in joint efforts to address community needs. Among the participants there were two 
representatives from the International City Managers Association. International Center for Not 
for Profit Law presented a session on legal regulations of social partnership in Central Asian. The 
current training module was improved and will be used by CSSCs to train NGOs, government 
officials and business representatives to help them plan and manage partnership projects and 
Community Outreach 
This past quarter has been a busy one for the Community Outreach Program, marked by a series of 
significant events: 
Quarterly CO Workshop, April 2002, Almaty. The Regional office designed a mini training as 
part of this regular staff development workshop, on Participatory M&E, which will be used by 
grant managers as well as CO program coordinators to evaluate CAG projects with community 
residents. The Community Project Logbook was introduced as a tool to encourage community 
participation in project management. It has been successfully introduced to communities by the 
CSSCs at project opening ceremonies. 
 Social Partnership for Sustainable Development  Conference, June 20, 2002, Dushanbe. The 
President of Tajikistan, Mr. Emomali Rahmonov, met with NGO representatives to discuss 
effective interactions between the Government and NGOs in solving major societal problems. 
This long anticipated event has been a great success in improving interrelations of government 
institutions and NGOs.  
Regional Advanced Training in Social Partnership, June 24 28, 2002, Almaty. The content of 
the training was considerably deepened in comparison with the basic training on SP. Management 
of SP was considered from the perspective of experience gained throughout the whole region. 
This process included essential points, such as stakeholder analysis for SP, planning of SP, the 
system of M&E, and other important issues, such as conditions, mechanisms and principles of SP, 
sustainability of SP, identifying SP areas, and motivating government and business for SP. The 
conference material was strengthened by the inclusion of the following elements: 
Refined definition of SP; 
Overview of legislative environment for SP in each country; 
Participation of local government representatives in the training, resulting in positive 
attitudinal changes towards opportunities of partnership with NGOs; 
Participation of representatives from four main groups   Counterpart program staff, NGO 
representatives, contract trainers, government officials   resulting in living examples of SP 
from the four perspectives; 

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