Community Mobilization 
Young Women of Uzbekistan Rayon of Fergana Valley Acquire New Professions 
In the period of economic transition many residents of the Uzbekistan Rayon of Fergana Valley, 
especially young women, have been unemployed. Many of them have professions that are no longer 
in demand. Unemployment among young women was identified as a major problem through PCA 
exercises conducted by the Center of Socio Economic Protection of Citizens and Entrepreneurship 
Development Moshkhur. The  Association of Businesswomen of Kokand, Counterpart focus grantee, 
and NGO Khairikhon,  also a Counterpart grantee, assisted the Center  in this appraisal. Counterpart 
trained both NGOs in PCA methodology and CAP development. According to CAP, to resolve the 
problem Moshkhur requested the Rayon Hokimiat assist in setting up a sewing training workshop for 
women. The Hokimiat responded positively and involved local Labor Exchange into the project. With 
joint efforts of all interested parties, they opened a sewing workshop, which provides 3 month 
training in sewing to young women. Moshkhur provided the space and three looms, the Hokimiat 
selected three trainers and organized three training groups of five people. The Labor Exchange paid 
salaries to the trainers and stipends to the trainees. Having completed the training course, women are 
now working at home and contributing to family budgets. The Center has started training new groups. 
Play Ball! 
One of the causes of increased crime, alcoholism and drug addiction among youth is the lack of 
possibilities for recreation. Young people in the Gijduvan district of Bukhara cannot participate in 
sports since the available sports grounds are in bad state. An initiative group of young people Rural 
Sport came to the Bukhara CSSC for help in solving this problem. The CSSC helped them conduct a 
PCA and develop an action plan. The initiative group arranged meetings with managers of shirkat 
farms (former collective farms), local authorities, and community leaders to discuss the issue of 
fundraising. As a result, shirkat farms, with the approval of local authorities, allotted 50 million soums 
(about $38,000) to renovate rural sports grounds. The initiative group mobilized local youth to 
voluntarily do the renovations. Now there are 13 sports grounds equipped with modern services and 
utilities for all to enjoy. 

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