Counterpart Assists NGOs In Donor Searches 
The major source of funding of Uzbekistan's NGOs is grants from foreign donors, as other funding 
sources, such as social contracting and corporate donations are not legally regulated. This source is 
limited as there are few foreign donor agencies in Uzbekistan and NGOs lack information about 
overseas donors. Vildana Malyan, Counterpart's Information Manager, has been searching for and 
collecting information about foreign donors who support NGOs but do not have representation in 
Uzbekistan. Such information is published in the Counterpart newsletter Initiative, disseminated 
through the mailing list  News for NGOs , as well as distributed during meetings and consultations. 
Thanks to such information many NGOs have applied for funding to overseas donors. Below are few 
examples of grant support received by Uzbekistan NGOs in 2002:  
Ayol Center Resource for Women and Families (Samarkand) received $9,000 from the Global 
Fund for Women, USA for education in women's reproductive rights; 
Charity Center Mekhr Sakhovat (Kokand) received from the Canadian Fund $4,000 to develop a 
club for the elderly.  
Association of Librarians Is on Fire! 
The heating system of the Fergana regional library was damaged while being repaired five years ago. 
In addition the roof of the building (1700 square meters) was worn out and leaked. Cold and moisture 
ruined about 10,000 books. These problems were identified as most vital during PCA conducted by 
the Fergana region's Association of Librarians in January 2002. The roof was repaired with 
Counterpart funding. To find a solution for the heating system the library decided to involve 
journalists to attract public attention to the problem. As a result four articles were published in the 
most popular and widely circulated newspapers, such as Narodnoye Slovo ( Books do not warm up in 
a cold library ) and Pravda Vostoka ( A library, a reader and a book. ) The Association members 
appealed to the regional Khokim's Office with the articles to support their request. The Khokim's 
Office allotted 29 million soums ($22,300) to the Association to construct the boiler room and install 
the heating system.  
Ray Of Light Is Falling On Khorezm 
After a deep feasibility study, Counterpart has partnered NGO Al Khorezmy Vambery to work as 
Support Center Partner in Khorezm Oblast. At this moment, there were functioning only 10 15 NGOs 
and a third sector was weakly developed. Counterpart's OD consultants put all the efforts for setting 
up the Center within NGO Partner and build its capacity for development of a third sector in 
Khorezm. During the OD assessments, it was suggested that the Center would provide basic services 
to the community, such as training, roundtables and consultations on how to establish an NGO. As the 
result, during one year, the number of NGOs is highly increased. If there were only 15 NGOs at the 
very beginning, now the number of NGOs is 54. The Center contributed to the establishment of most 
of these NGOs in the region with providing series of consultations, intensive training program and 
presentations among the communities.  
Volunteer Is The Right Hand Of Center 
The newly established Support Center in Samarkand was at a very early stage of development, with 
an insufficient number of employees to serve the growing number of clients in the area. NGOs were 
keen to use services of Support Center and there was an increasing demand for them. However, it was 
quite difficult for only three people to serve the increasing client demand. A number of clients began 
to complain by saying that Center does not provide services in timely manner and does not pay 
attention to newly established NGOs. OD consultants identified this problem during an NGO 
roundtable. Having this information, the consultants advised the Support Center to involve volunteers 
in their activity to improve client service. This suggestion was included in the Strategic Plan of the 
Center as one of the main objectives. The Center has taken several actions in order to attract 
volunteers, including developing a special questionnaire and distributing it among University 
students. As a result, the Center recruited 15 volunteers for the Center. Additionally the Center 
conducted an assessment of NGOs with the purpose of identifying their needs in volunteers. A 
database of volunteers was created so the Center can match volunteers to NGOs. 

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