Knowledge is Power 
The process of providing of high quality educational services always requires materials, information 
and professionalism. After reforms in the Turkmen secondary school system, school students can 
learn foreign languages only in specialized schools. The NGO Center of Languages, Culture and 
Health Medet has become one of the most popular educational centers in Lebap Velayat. The Center 
is not able to provide services to all their clients willing to attend courses bacause of the lack of 
workbooks. They prepared 40 copies of the workbook  New American Streamline  and  Teacher's 
Book  for the 10th level using the Lebap CSSC's copier and the help of Lebap CSSC volunteers. As a 
result, over a two month period the number of students attending English courses increased from 200 
to 280. Now every student can use a workbook individually, whereas in the past students had to share. 
Also over the last 2 months, the number of free attendees increased from 50 to 70 students: 18 are 
refugees (Afghan and Tajik), 7 disabled, 7 orphans, 8 children from poor families and 10 are from 
families with many children. To work with new groups of students the NGO hired three new English 
teachers who were previously unemployed. 
Working With Citizens To Defend Consumer Rights 
The quantity of staff of Turkmen NGOs in accordance with local legislation usually is near five 
people. With such limited human resources an organization is not able to provide services for large 
quantity of people who is applying for assistance. The NGO My Rights, engaged in the process of 
organizational development with Counterpart, recently attended the Counterpart training  Volunteer 
Management , and identified new objectives and approaches for service delivery. The organization 
has limited the number of staff and actively started to work with volunteers. Over the past six months, 
25 volunteers have been recruited and trained to teach 18 interactive training modules on basic 
knowledge of consumers' rights. These volunteers were instrumental in leading consumers to demand 
resolution of more than 66 problem situations and issues, such as restitution of products with bad 
quality, receiving good quality of service, replacement and restitution of damaged goods, and the 
monitoring of sale procedures and rules used by vendors. The process of consumer problem solving 
continues through training and consumer participation. Consumers continue to defend their rights 
using practical informational booklets and newsletters published by My Rights. Consequently, the 
NGO has successfully expanded its service and client base through effective planning and 
organizational development with from Counterpart. 
Volunteer Initiatives As A Way For The Civil Society Development 
Since November 2001 the Lebap CSSC started involving local volunteers to work with NGOs. The 
number of volunteers gradually increased from 3 to 18. The increase in people working at the Center 
every day, combined with the lack of office equipment and space, contributed to weak coordination of 
service delivery by volunteers. The Lebap CSSC evaluated the volunteer's needs and the volunteers 
created their own goals and objectives, with corresponding indicators, for the coordination of 
volunteer service in the Lebap Region. In order to reach these goals, they needed financial support. 
With the help of the Lebap CSSC the volunteers wrote a project proposing the creation of a Lebap 
Volunteer Center to work as a  bridge  matching NGOs and volunteers throughout the region. The 
proposal was sent to the US Embassy Democracy Commission and in May was funded with more 
than $6,000 for one year of work. The Center is cost sharing space in the new, larger Lebap CSSC 
office building. Now NGOs, local institutions and prospective young volunteers can address the new 
center directly.  
Social Partnership 
Organizations From All Social Sectors Partner To Benefit Nature And Society 
Counterpart grantee Commonwealth of Eco NGOs has been conducting a two month nature protection 
and ecological action project directly applying knowledge and skills gained from Counterpart 
trainings such as  Informational Campaigns/Social Marketing" and "Social Partnership". Together 
with the Ministry of Nature Protection, the NGO conducted research on potential project partners and 
determined methods to attract their participation in project realization. Additionally, in collaboration 
with the Ministry of Nature Protection, a plan of activities was designed, including ecological actions 

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