A Significant Contribution of Community Members to the Project Funded by Counterpart 
For the last five years in Chirtak community of Kofarnihon District a lack of access to potable water 
resulted in community members accessing unclean water from the Kofarnihon River. When 
Counterpart's target NGO Open Asia conducted a Problem ID workshop with the members of the 
community they developed a plan to repair an existing borehole and lay a new pipeline to the 
community. In order to have funds to purchase the necessary materials, the community, with the help 
of  Open Asia, developed a proposal. Counterpart supported the project with funds to purchase a 
transformer, pump, and electric board. The community covered the labor cost and provided 1,200 
meters of pipeline. In all, the community's contribution to the project was about $3,574 versus the 
$1,886 grant from Counterpart. The project was accomplished within two months. Now the 1,800 
members of the Chirtak community have access to clean drinking water.  
One Community Mobilization Effort Leads to Another  
The village of Metantughay  is located 13 kilometers far from the center of Moskovsky District, 
situated on the border with Afghanistan. Since the community members did not have a medical center 
community members had to travel to the district center for medical treatment. The lack of public 
transport and the extra expense of having to travel so far forced the community to face additional 
health and economic hardships. Counterpart's partner NGO, Shahrvand (Kulob Civil Society Support 
Center), learned about the situation and conducted a community mobilization activity in the 
community.  They encouraged the community members to identify and prioritize their problems 
through a Problem Identification Workshop.  As a result of the workshop, community members 
formed an Initiative Group to address the problem.  Shahrvand then taught the Initiative Group how 
to put together a Community Action Plan (CAP), a plan that involved repairing an existing hospital. 
After the community had made their action plan, the staff of Shahrvand continued their work with the 
community and assisted them in writing a project proposal for a Community Action Grant (CAG). The 
grant was funded by Counterpart Tajikistan and the hospital was repaired.  Now 8,000 people, 
including the population of three neighboring communities, have access to local medical services, 
increasing the health and financial welfare of the community members. More importantly, the 
community has now learned how to mobilize themselves to solve their own problems.  Recently, for 
example, they used their own resources to build a water tower and lay a pipeline to provide the 
hospital with water. 
Sustainable Civil Society Organizations  
A New Level of Relations Between NGOs and International Organizations 
It is not the practice for international organizations to coordinate with Turkmen organizations for 
program implementation. The theme and content of activities conducted by international 
organizations are typically identified and implemented without consideration of local conditions. In 
framework of a Counterpart grant, the NGO Bosfor conducted six seminars on different legislative 
issues for 130 participants seeking to educate people about the latest legislative acts. Due to well 
performed public relations activities, such as distribution of information materials, international 
organizations such as ABA CEELI and ISAR expressed an interest in using Bosfor to organize and 
conduct a conference. As a result, Bosfor  participated in the development of the program and 
facilitated a conference on gender issues and a seminar on ecological law for 90 people.  
Local NGOs and Donors   A New Stage of Relations.  
Counterpart grantee Women's Resource Center  (WRC) of Turkmen State University developed 
strategic plans and long term action plans for organizational development. Based on these plans, WRC 
improved its public relations activities as well as relations with donors. WRC conducted a series of 
meetings with UNFPA in which they proved to the donor that resources intended for NGOs have to be 
used more effectively. As a result WRC has signed a contract with UNFPA for $2,180 to conduct a 
series of seminars entitled:  Methods of Improving the Activity of Women's Informational Centers and 
Resource Centers Working in the Area of Reproductive Health . Using interactive methods learned in 
Counterpart training seminars, WRC has already conducted 3 seminars in Turkmen language in Mary, 
Ashgabat and Busmein for 80 participant members of resource centers and initiative groups.  

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