Social Partnership 
Roundtable an Effective Tool to Solve Problems 
In the Komsomol village, in Jalalabad Oblast, the NGO Cholpon Ata was implementing a community 
project to rebuild a youth/health center. The head of the village administration pledged $2,255 in 
support of the project, including funds for salaries and a new heating system. After several meetings 
with the administration to get the funds, Cholpon Ata  appealed to the Jalalabad Center to host a 
roundtable discussion with participation from representatives of various state structures, rayon, and 
local village administration representatives and members of the noncommercial sector. The 
roundtable, held in early February, was devoted to the discussion of problems relating to the 
youth/health center's reconstruction. The leading specialist of the Suzak rayon state administration 
promised to solve the problem, and immediately instructed the head of Barpin village administration 
to pay $2,530 to the NGO. Everything that was assigned by the project including salaries, heating 
system as well as some unexpected costs was covered by these funds.  
Community Mobilization 
Creation of the Youth Recreation Center 
The House of Culture was built in Komsomol village, Issyk Kul oblast 34 years ago. Since the 
collapse of USSR, this building has been left unattended and is now in a poor condition. PCA 
exercises held in April revealed the problem of idle free time of young people in Barpin village. The 
community decided to reconstruct the House of Culture to address both problems. Leaders and 
members of NGO Cholpon Ata, who had participated in the trainings,  Project Design  and 
 Fundraising , became executives of the reconstruction project. Cholpon Ata, in cooperation with 
local initiative groups, developed a plan of action for the community and the specific project  Youth 
Recreation Center . Community members, representatives of local authorities, and the NGO all made 
contributions to this project (community   $1,285; Barpin board   $5,221; the NGO   $499). About 
300 villagers took an active part in project implementation and the village board involved 100 people 
from the local schools. In the end the reconstruction of  Youth Recreation Center  was completed.  
Distribution of Seeds Among Farmers Of Kara Buurinsk And Manas Districts 
In Kara Buurinsk and Manas districts seed stock is in poor condition. The lack of grade quality seeds 
is resulting in decreasing crop yields and revenue. Through the bulletin Bazar Tamyry, the Social 
Fund Lady Shirin found out about a competition sponsored by of the the Ministry of Agriculture and 
Water Resources of Kyrgyz Republic entitled  Providing needy population groups with help.  The 
purpose of the competition was to create seed stock in the rural areas in order to help poor families 
and farmers. The Lady Shirin wrote a letter of concernment which was reviewed and than approved 
by the Ministry. The Talas CSSC provided the Lady Shirin with advisory and informational support as 
well as training for the NGO in how to work with local community. As a result Lady Shirin got 
$6,150 to buy and distribute different kinds of crops of seeds.  
Sustainable Civil Society Organizations 
NGO Sitorai Najot Establishes a Board of Directors with Fidokor's Assistance 
After the Director of the local NGO, Sitorai Najot (Star of Hope), one of the strongest NGOs in 
Kurghon teppa, left the country Sitorai Najot faced a number of internal management problems. The 
organization asked our partner Fidokor,  the  Kurghon Teppa  Civil Society Support Center, for 
consultations on governance.  Fidokor introduced them to the concept of a Board of Directors and 
suggested that they establish such a board in their organization.  As a result of these consultations the 
members of Sitorai Najot established a Board of Directors consisting of 5 people, including the 
Director of Fidokor,  Dilbar Khalilova. At their recent annual general meeting they elected a new 
director, who will act as an Executive Director for the organization. As a result of adopting solid 
principles of governance the atmosphere in the organization has greatly improved and it has helped 
the organization to carry out its program activities in a more effective manner.    

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