NGO Improves People's Living Standards  
The transition to an open market has been a difficult one, leaving many, especially those who were in 
prison, without jobs. Throughout Kazakhstan there is a lack of mechanisms to reintegrate parolees 
into society or learn a marketable trade. In 1999, the informal community group Preodolenie 
(Overcome), with its leader Ms. L. Kitova, repaired an old joinery shop, creating new jobs. Over two 
years the initiative group renovated the shop into a facility for training in joinery, trimming and 
furnishing works. Twenty parolees were trained in the shop, which ultimately outgrew its working 
space. As a result of the PCAP process conducted with the help of Karaganda CSSC Eco Center, the 
group changed its status to a public association and jointly with the Union of Volunteer Societies of 
Invalids of the Qaraghandy Region obtained an additional 300 square meters of working space. The 
concerted action led to a contract for furniture and toys for three local kindergartens. The profit gained 
from the agreement provided living expenses for 15 members of the Public Association Preodolenie 
and 30 members of the Union of Volunteer Societies of Invalids of the Qaraghandy Region. 
Training Facilitates Rural Community Mobilization 
The rural areas in Kazakhstan, especially as regions with unique nature, have an acute shortage in 
information on environmental laws. The preservation of nature in East Kazakhstan's national parks 
depends largely on the cooperation of the local people. Thus, surrounding communities need to know 
and enjoy their ecological rights and duties. In the framework of Counterpart's program, the regional 
CSSC   The Socio Corporative Fund ZUBR conducted trainings on  Project Design  and 
 Fundraising  and appropriate consultations for the Public Association Khranitel Altaya (Curator of 
Altai). In turn Khranitel Altaya, under the management of Ms. Vera Klimova, conducted Participatory 
Community Appraisal in a target rural population. The NGO received $500 a fixed grant from the 
Regional Center for Ecology to conduct four seminars in rural counties and publish informational 
supplies in order to facilitate local communities mobilization and their involvement in the process of 
preservation of the national park. 
Sustainable Civil Society Organizations  
Remote Farmers Improve Legal Knowledge 
There is an information vacuum on land reform for farmers and peasants, especially in the remote 
areas of Kyrgyzstan. It is important to explain agrarian reforms for farmers owning land and making 
land related deals. Due to a lack of information these farmers don't know the necessary laws, such as 
taxes, social insurance, and tenant laws. In July 2001 the Talas Center conducted  Project Design  
and  Fundraising  training for the Public Association Lady Shirin. The Center assisted Lady Shirin in 
designing a project for Soros Foundation to conduct a series of educational seminars among the 
villagers of Kara Bura region on  Land Reform , taxes, social insurance, use of water resources and 
associations of water users. Additionally they will publish a newsletter on land reform, including 
advice from land and water experts. Soros Foundation funded the program with $1,358. As a result, 
300 rural farmers and peasants of Kara Bura region have access to information on land issues. 
Year Long Advocacy Effort Pays Off 
In early 2001 the government passed legislation, which stipulated that pregnant women in the Issyk 
Kul and Chui Oblasts must pay in advance to receive care at the local maternity hospitals. There was a 
fatal case in the district when a woman was taken to the hospital and refused medical care because she 
had not paid the money in advance. Having studied this case the NGO Jety Oguz aiymy conducted a 
roundtable in the Kyzyl Suu village, which resulted in the collection of signatures in order to fight the 
regulation. After several consultations in the Issyk Kul CSSC and training in  Advocacy  Jety Oguz 
aiymy collected about 2500 signatures throughout the oblast. Taking into account the signatures of 
different Ministries of Kyrgyz Republic (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance etc.) a draft 
amendment was presented to the government in August 2001. In January 2002 the government 
ratified the amendment repealing the maternity payment procedures.  

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