The purpose of the Counterpart project component is: 
Strengthen democratic culture among citizens and target institutions. 
Social Partnership 
Group Fundraising Effort Generate over KZT 13,000 for Vulnerable People 
In Kazakhstan, charity is not a mass social phenomenon due to lack of philanthropic culture in the 
society. In this connection, the funding of NGO social projects through donations is still relatively 
new and difficult process in the country. The Astana CSSC Agency of Social Technologies and 
Development, in cooperation with a group of local NGOs, carried out its presentation and fundraising 
campaign in Astana with participation of parliamentarians, representatives of state executive bodies 
and over 70 non governmental organizations. The campaign generated over 13,000 KZT ($85) in 
donations, the proceeds of which were given to the Malotimopheev Home for the Aging and Disabled. 
While only a small amount of money was raised, this joint NGO government effort went a long way 
toward breaking down societal stereotypes about charity.  
NGOs Involves Business and Government in Charity for Children 
For children of repatriated and internally migrated people, life too often lacks the basics of play and 
community. Due to gained skills in a number of Counterpart's trainings including  Fundraising  and 
 Social Partnership , the NGOs Dan and Salauat, that work with refugee populations, coordinated 
with the local food and grocery companies (Almaty Nan, Aqsai Nan and Liana) as well as with the 
government administration of the Central Entertainment Park and Zoo to organize a holiday for 
children from the refugee communities in Shamalghan village, Shanyraq 4 micro district and Stroitel 
and Saule community hostels. As a result of the joint business, NGO, and government efforts, 200 
refugee children visited the park and received gifts. 
Community Mobilization 
Training Program Strengthens Prevention of Drug and HIV Spreading Among Teens 
The incidence of drug use and HIV infection among youth in Aktobe is on the rise. According to 
official sources, 49 HIV infected young people are registered in the city, demonstrating the lack of 
effective prevention programs. In October 2001, an initiative group was registered as the Public 
Association Onyx, with the mission to reduce the rate of HIV infection and prevent drug abuse. From 
November 2001 the organization participated in a number of trainings and received comprehensive 
consultative and technical support from the local CSSC SMEDA, including  Social Partnership , 
 Volunteerism ,  Project Design ,  Citizens Involvement in Decision Making , and  Strategic 
Planning . In addition, Anna Kaspirova, a Training Coordinator in Onyx, was trained in model design 
for the seminar on  Concerted Action to Prevent the Future from AIDS , as well as in the 
organization of work with trainers and advocacy campaigns. SMEDA  contributed in contact and 
partnership developments between the Public Association and the Almaty NGO Equal to Equal, that 
led to Onyx joining a network of Kazakh NGOs, which designed a training program on HIV and drug 
prevention among youth. Within the framework of this program, 12 selected students and three 
teachers were trained in Aktobe and, with Onyx facilitated 15 seminars in city schools. Seven schools, 
jointly with Onyx volunteers and mass media, conducted campaigns to prevent drug dissemination 
and addiction among Aktobe teens.  

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