NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98
NetBackup Commands
This section describes commands specific to the NetBackup product. Execute 
these commands in an MS DOS window so you can see the results.
The following are special conventions used in the command descriptions.
  Brackets [ ] mean that the enclosed command line component is optional.
  A vertical bar (or pipe) symbol | separates optional arguments from which 
the user can choose. For example, assume that a command has the 
following format:
command [arg1 | arg2]
Here, the user can choose either arg1 or arg2 (but not both).
  Italics indicate that the information is user supplied. For example, the user 
supplies class, schedule, and filename in the following command:
bpbackup  c
 schedule filename
  An ellipses (...) means that you can repeat the previous parameter. For 
example, consider the following command:
 master_server [,master_server,...]] filename
Here, the 
 option requires the first master server name. Additional names 
can be added, separated by commas and followed by a file name as in:
bpbackup  S
mars,coyote,shark,minnow memofile.doc
NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98

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