NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98
Syntax Rules for Exclude Lists and Include Lists  
Syntax Rules
The following syntax rules apply to exclude lists and include lists.
  Only one pattern per line is allowed.
  The following meta or wildcard characters are recognized:
[ ] 
  To use the wildcard characters literally (that is, as non wildcard characters), 
precede them with a backslash (\). For example, assume that the brackets in 
the following example are not being used as wildcards:
In your exclude list, precede the brackets with a backslash as in
to have NetBackup interpret the brackets literally. 
Note:  Note that a backslash (\) acts as an escape character only when it 
precedes a wildcard as in the above example. This means that NetBackup 
normally interprets a backslash literally and it is a legal character to use in 
  Spaces are considered legal characters. Be careful to omit extra spaces 
unless they are part of the file name.
For example, if you want to exclude a file named
 (with no extra space character at the end)
and your exclude list entry is
 (with an extra space character at the end)
NetBackup will not be able to find the file until you delete the extra space 
from the end of the file name.
NetBackup User's Guide   Microsoft Windows
NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98

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