NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98
Destination Clients Property Sheet
To access this dialog box, open the Restore menu, select 
Specify NetBackup 
, then select the Clients property sheet. Use this dialog box to select the 
client which will receive the restored backups.
New Client Name:
To add another client name to the 
Client List:
, type the name of the 
client in the 
New Client Name:
 and click 
. The client name 
entered must also be defined in a class on the NetBackup server.
If a new client is added to the list it will be in the client list for all 
windows currently opened and any new window that is opened. 
The new client will be saved in the 
Client List:
 box after the current 
window is closed.
Adds the client, entered in the 
New Client Name:
 box, to the 
Client List:
Client List:
 shows the names of the NetBackup clients to which 
you can restore files or folders. To specify a destination client, 
select a name from the Client List and click 
Make Current
. The word 
CURRENT will appear in parentheses beside the name of the new 
destination client.
Class Type:
View and select class type for the client selected in the 
Client List:
The class type must be the same as specified for the client in the 
NetBackup configuration on the NetBackup server.
System Administrator
NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98

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