NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98
Search Folder:
Shows the folder or registry key for which you are searching. The 
initial value for the 
Search Folder:
 is ":\". If you select a folder in 
the NetBackup Restore window, that folder becomes the new 
To change the path, enter a new value and press Return.
If you enter a full path name, NetBackup will search for the 
specific path and file in the selected backup images. Or you can 
enter only the filename (
) and NetBackup will 
show, in the All Folders pane, the folders where the specified files 
were found. 
You can use these wildcard characters:
Helpful Hint: 
Before initiating a search, collapse the tree in the All Folders pane 
as mush as possible. NetBackup will expand the tree to the folders 
that match your search criteria.
Perform Case 
Perform Case Insensitive Search
 to perform case insensitive 
Insensitive Search
The search path is case sensitive and must match what is in the 
database on the NetBackup server. When the 
Perform Case 
Insensitive Search
 checkbox is selected, NetBackup can start a case 
insensitive search. By default the checkbox is not checked.
Keyword Phrase 
Enter a keyword phrase associated with a backup image. 
Start Date:
View and select the 
Start Date:
 and the 
End Date:
. The 
Start Date:
End Date:
 show the range of backups that NetBackup will search. 
By default, the start date will be the time of the last full backup 
and the end date will be the time of the most recent backup.
To change the dates, click in the box and select from the list of 
available backup images.
If you change the 
Start Date:
End Date:
, NetBackup clears all the 
restore selections that you have previously made.
Initiates a search for specified files, folders, or registry keys. The 
NetBackup Restore window will show the folders that match the 
search criteria.
NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98

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