NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98
Dialog Boxes 
This section describes the dialog boxes on the NetBackup Browser. 
Options Dialog Box
To access this dialog box, select 
 from the View menu. Use this dialog 
box to control display options on the NetBackup Browser. 
Show Toolbar
Shows the NetBackup toolbars.
Show Tool Tips
Shows tool tips. When the mouse pointer moves over the different 
elements of the NetBackup Browser, the tool tips appear.
Show Status Bar
Shows the NetBackup status bar.
Text On Buttons
Shows text on toolbar buttons. By default, this check box is clear.
Include Description 
Shows the description bars on the backup and restore window 
Bar for Panes
panes. Clear this check box to turn off the description bars.
Show Backup History 
Shows the NetBackup History pane as a timeline. Clear this check 
as a Timeline
box to show the NetBackup History pane as a detailed list.
To accept changes to the parameters, click this button. 
To cancel and return to the previous display without accepting 
changes to the parameters in this dialog box, click this button. 
NetBackup User's Guide   Microsoft Windows
NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98

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