NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98
Backup History as a Timeline
To show the NetBackup History pane as a timeline from the View menu, click 
 to open the Options dialog box. Select 
Show Backup History as a Timeline
The icons, representing images, appear directly underneath the date of the 
backups. Icons with a square represent selected backup images. Several backup 
image icons may appear below a date. The most current backup image is on top 
of the list. As you move the cursor over the icons, tool tips will show the 
schedule type and the date and time of the backup. 
Helpful Hint:
If you do not see tool tips, open the Options dialog box from the View menu and 
Show Tool Tips
This green icon represents a full backup. 
This blue icon represents a differential incremental backup. 
This light blue icon represents a cumulative incremental backup. 
This read icon represents a user directed backup. 
Represents a user directed archive. Used in the backup images timeline. When 
selected, a border appears around the icon.
This grey icon represents an unknown type of backup. 
NetBackup 3.2 Microsoft Windows User s Guide for Windows NT/95/98

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