Energetics  Manufacturing  Technology
Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology
Center  (Operated  by  University  of  New
Orleans, College of Engineering)
The Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center
(EMTC) addresses unique manufacturing processes
The Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Cen 
and problems of the energetics industrial base to
ter (GCRMTC) fosters competition in shipbuilding
ensure  the  availability  of  affordable,  quality,  and
technology through cooperation with the U.S. Navy,
safe energetics.  The EMTC's focus is on technolo 
representatives of the maritime industries, and vari 
gies to reduce manufacturing costs, improve prod 
ous academic and private research centers through 
uct quality and reliability, and develop environmen 
out the country.  Located at the University of New
tally benign manufacturing processes.  The EMTC
Orleans, the GCRMTC focuses on improving design
is located at the Indian Head Division of the Naval
and production technologies for shipbuilding, reduc 
Surface Warfare Center.
ing material costs, reducing total ownership costs,
Point of Contact:
providing  education  and  training,  and  improving
Mr. John Brough
environmental engineering and management.
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Point of Contact:
Indian Head Division
Mr. Frank Bordelon, New Orleans Site Director
101 Strauss Avenue
Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center
Building D326, Room 227
Research and Technology Park
Indian Head, MD 20640 5035
CERM Building, Room 409
Phone: (301) 744 4417
University of New Orleans
DSN: 354 4417
New Orleans, LA 70148 2200
FAX: (301) 744 4187
Phone: (504) 280 5609
E mail: broughja@ih.navy.mil
FAX: (504) 280 3898
E mail: fbordelo@uno.edu
F 3

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