Electronics Manufacturing Productivity
Navy Joining Center (Operated by Edison
Facility (Operated by American Competi 
Welding Institute)
tiveness Institute)
The Navy Joining Center (NJC) provides a national
The Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facil 
resource for the development of materials joining ex 
ity (EMPF) identifies, develops, and transfers in 
pertise and the deployment of emerging manufactur 
novative electronics manufacturing processes to do 
ing technologies to Navy contractors, subcontractors,
mestic  firms  in  support  of  the  manufacture  of
and other activities. The NJC works with the Navy to
affordable  military  systems.  The  EMPF  operates
determine and evaluate joining technology require 
as a consortium comprised of government, indus 
ments and conduct technology development and de 
try,  and  academic  participants  led  by  the Ameri 
ployment projects to address these issues.  The NJC
can Competitiveness Institute under a Cooperative
is operated by the Edison Welding Institute.
Agreement with the Navy.
Point of Contact:
Point of Contact:
Mr. Harvey R. Castner
Mr. Michael Frederickson
EWI/Navy Joining Center
Electronics Manufacturing Productivity
1250 Arthur E. Adams Drive
Columbus, OH 43221 3585
One International Plaza, Suite 600
Phone: (614) 688 5063
Philadelphia, PA 19113
FAX: (614) 688 5001
Phone: (610) 362 1200, ext. 215
E mail: harvey_castner@ewi.org
FAX: (610) 362 1288
E mail: mfrederickson@aciusa.org
National Center for Excellence in Metalworking
Technology (Operated by Concurrent Tech 
Electro Optics Center (Operated by The
nologies Corporation)
Pennsylvania State University's Applied
Research Laboratory)
The National Center for Excellence in Metalworking
Technology (NCEMT) provides a national center for
The Electro Optics Center (EOC) is a national con 
the development, dissemination, and implementation
sortium of electro optics industrial companies, uni 
of advanced technologies for metalworking products
versities,  and  government  research  centers  that
and processes. Operated by the Concurrent Technolo 
share their electro optics expertise and capabilities
gies  Corporation,  the  NCEMT  helps  the  Navy  and
through  project  teams  focused  on  Navy  require 
defense contractors improve manufacturing produc 
ments.    Through  its  capability  for  national  elec 
tivity and part reliability through development, de 
tronic  communication  and  rapid  reaction  and  re 
ployment, training, and education for advanced met 
sponse, the EOC can address issues of immediate
alworking technologies.
concern to the Navy Systems Commands.  The EOC
Point of Contact:
is managed by the Pennsylvania State University's
Mr. Richard Henry, P.E.
Applied Research Laboratory.
National Center for Excellence in Metalwork 
Point of Contact:
ing Technology
Dr. Karl Harris
c/o Concurrent Technologies Corporation
Electro Optics Center
100 CTC Drive
West Hills Industrial Park
Johnstown, PA 15904 1935
77 Glade Drive
Phone: (814) 269 2532
Kittanning, PA 16201
FAX: (814) 269 2501
Phone: (724) 545 9700
E mail: henry@ctcgsc.com
FAX: (724) 545 9797
E mail: kharris@psu.edu
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