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Navy Manufacturing Technology Centers of Excellence
The Navy Manufacturing Technology Program  has established  Centers of Excellence (COEs) to provide
focal points for the development and technology transfer of new manufacturing processes and equipment
in a cooperative environment with industry, academia, and the Navy industrial facilities and laboratories.
These  consortium structured COEs serve as corporate residences of expertise in particular technological
areas.  The following list provides a description and point of contact for each COE.
Best Manufacturing Practices Center of
Point of Contact:
Mr. Robert Cook
Institute for Manufacturing and Sustainment
The  Best  Manufacturing  Practices  Center  of  Ex 
cellence  (BMPCOE)  provides  a  national  resource
ARL Penn State
to identify and share best manufacturing and busi 
P.O. Box 30
ness practices being used throughout  government,
State College, PA 16804 0030
industry, and academia. The BMPCOE was estab 
Phone: (814) 863 3880
lished by the Office of Naval Research's BMP Pro 
FAX: (814) 863 1183
gram, the Department of Commerce,  and the Uni 
E mail:  rbc5@psu.edu
versity of Maryland at College Park.  By improving
the use of existing technology, promoting  the in 
troduction of improved technologies, and providing
Composites Manufacturing Technology
non competitive  means  to  address  common  prob 
Center  (Operated  by  South  Carolina
lems, the BMPCOE has become a significant fac 
Research Authority)
tor to  counter foreign competition.
Point of Contact:
The  Composites  Manufacturing  Technology  Cen 
Dr. Anne Marie T. SuPrise
ter (CMTC) is a Center of Excellence for the Navy's
Best Manufacturing Practices Center of
Composites  Manufacturing  Technology  Program.
The South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) op 
4321 Hartwick Road
erates the CMTC and The Composites Consortium
Suite 400
(TCC) serves as the technology resource.  The TCC
College Park, MD  20740
has strong, in depth knowledge and experience in
Phone: (301) 403 8100
composites manufacturing technology.  The SCRA/
FAX: (301) 403 8180
CMTC provides a national resource for the devel 
E mail: annemari@bmpcoe.org
opment and dissemination of composites manufac 
turing technology to defense contractors and sub 
Institute for Manufacturing and Sustainment
Point of Contact:
Mr. Henry Watson
Applied Research and Development Institute
The Institute for Manufacturing and Sustainment
Composites Manufacturing Technology Center
Technologies (iMAST) is located at the Pennsylva 
934 D Old Clemson Highway
nia State University's Applied Research Laboratory.
Eagles Landing Professional Park
iMAST's primary objective is to address challenges
Seneca, SC  29672
relative to Navy and Marine Corps weapon system
Phone: (864) 656 6566
platforms in the areas of mechanical drive trans 
FAX: (864) 653 7434
mission  technologies,  materials  processing  tech 
E mail: watson@scra.org
nologies,  laser  processing  technologies,  advanced
composites technologies, and repair technologies.
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