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The Program Manager's WorkStation
The Program Manager's WorkStation (PMWS) is
this progression, TRIMS operates as a process ori 
an electronic suite of tools designed to provide timely
ented tool based on a solid Systems Engineering
acquisition and engineering information to the user.
approach.  Process analysis and monitoring pro 
The main components of PMWS are KnowHow; the
vide  the  earliest  possible  indication  of  potential
Technical Risk Identification and Mitigation System
problems.  Early identification provides the time
(TRIMS);  and  the  BMP  Database.    These  tools
necessary to apply corrective actions, thereby pre 
complement one another and provide users with the
venting  problems  and  mitigating  their  impact.
knowledge,  insight,  and
TRIMS  is  extremely
experience  to  make  in 
user friendly 
formed decisions through
tailorable.   This  tool
all phases of product de 
identifies areas of risk;
velopment,  production,
tracks  program  goals
and beyond.
and  responsibilities;
KnowHow  provides
and can generate a va 
knowledge  as  an  elec 
riety of reports to meet
tronic library of techni 
the user's needs.
cal reference handbooks,
The  BMP  Database
guidelines, and acquisi 
provides experience as a
tion  publications  which
unique,  one of a kind
covers a variety of engi 
resource.  This database
neering topics including
contains  more  than
the  DOD  5000  series.
2,500 best practices that
The electronic collection
have  been  verified  and
consists  of  expert  sys 
documented by an inde 
tems and simple digital
pendent team of experts
books.    In  expert  sys 
during  BMP  surveys.
BMP publishes its find 
prompts the user to an 
ings  in  survey  reports
swer  a  series  of  ques 
and  provides  the  user
tions  to  determine
with  basic  background,
where the user is within
process  descriptions,
a  program's  develop 
metrics  and  lessons
ment.    Recommendations  are  provided  based  on
learned,  and  a  Point of Contact for further infor 
the  book  being  used.    In  simple  digital  books,
mation.  The BMP Database features a searching
KnowHow leads the user through the process via
capability so users can locate specific topics by typ 
an electronic table of contents to determine which
ing in keywords.  Users can either view the results
books in the library will be the most helpful.  The
on screen or print them as individual abstracts, a
program also features a fuzzy logic text search ca 
single report, or a series of reports.  The database
pability  so  users  can  locate  specific  information
can also be downloaded, run on line, or purchased
by typing in keywords.  KnowHow can reduce docu 
on CD ROM from the BMP Center of Excellence.
ment search times by up to 95%.
The BMP Database continues to grow as new sur 
TRIMS provides insight as a knowledge based
veys are completed.  Additionally, the database is
tool that manages technical risk rather than cost
reviewed every other year by a BMP core team of
and  schedule.    Cost  and  schedule  overruns  are
experts to ensure the information remains current.
downstream indicators of technical problems.  Pro 
For additional information on PMWS, please con 
grams generally have had process problems long
tact the Help Desk at (301) 403 8179, or visit the
before the technical problem is identified.  To avoid
BMP web site at http://www.bmpcoe.org.
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