When  the  Occupational  Safety  and  Health Ad 
environmental management tool that is applicable
ministration (OSHA) proposed a 200 fold reduction
to not only the shipbuilding industry, but also other
in  permissible  exposure  levels  for  Hex Chrome
manufacturing enterprises.  In order to develop an
(Cr)(VI)  among  industrial  workers,  considerable
effective Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
problems were posed for the nation s Navy and ship 
for any industry, a clear understanding of several
building facilities.  The University of New Orleans,
factors is required.  Some of those factors include
College of Engineering (UNO COE), under the di 
processes; materials used in products; multimedia
rection of the Navy/Industry Task Group, set out to
wastes  generated;  emissions  pathways  (land,  air,
measure Cr(VI) exposure levels under actual field
and water); impact on the environment and health;
conditions.  Measurements were collected for actual
environmental regulations; best management prac 
Navy  work  performed  by  Avondale.    Processes
tices and controls; control over compliance, costs,
evaluated included:
image, and feedback; and continuous improvement.
  Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) on AH36
In developing the EMP for the shipyards, all of
Base Metal
the typical major shipyard processes were identi 
  Shielded  Metal  Arc  Welding  (SMAW)  on
fied  (e.g.,  surface  preparation,  surface  finishing,
AH36 and Stainless Steel
painting, coating, welding, cutting, etc.) and then
flow charted to identify the possible sources of en 
  Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) on Stain 
vironmental concerns and the environmental out 
less Steel
fall flow.  After the processes were identified and
  Gas  Tungsten  Arc  Welding  (GTAW)  on
flow  charted,  the  process  flow  verified,  and  envi 
Stainless Steel and Nickel Copper
ronmental concerns identified, UNO COE research 
The data also provided the opportunity to evalu 
ers developed a comprehensive series of reports and
ate  Nederman  Filterbox  and  Binzel  Gun  control
resource books detailing the process followed for the
equipment under actual field conditions.  Data was
development of an effective program.  These reports
collected for both open areas (e.g., open shop areas
and resource books also provide guidance on regu 
and outdoor locations) and confined/semi enclosed
latory  requirements,  waste  minimization  equip 
areas  (e.g.,  tanks,  modular  units,  and  exhaust
ment, waste sampling and analytical methods, em 
stacks).   While  the  actual  data  provided  limited
ployee  training,  best  management  practices,  and
samples and confidence in open areas, model equa 
focus areas to reduce multimedia emissions.
tions were developed to replicate the concentrations
(total fumes, Cr(VI), Cr) measured against arc time.
Effectiveness of the Nederman Filterbox and the
OSHA Compliance Management System
Binzel Gun was also documented for these areas.  As
a consequence of these efforts, the Navy, the shipbuild 
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
ing industry, and OSHA have a much better basis for
neering began development of a personal computer 
proceeding to establish rational permissible levels for
based  system  to  track  and  monitor  Occupational
Cr(VI) exposures among industrial workers.
Safety  and  Health  Administration  exposure  and
hazards in the shipbuilding industry.
Facilities  faced  with  monitoring  and  reporting
compliance with Occupational Safety and Health
Integrated Environmental Management
Administration (OSHA) exposure and hazards may
discover that the collection, analysis, and reporting
effort are quite considerable.  The University of New
Orleans, College of Engineering (UNO COE) com 
The Environmental Management Plan developed
menced development of a personal computer based
by University of New Orleans, College of Engineer 
system to track and manage that effort from one
ing  researchers is an effective tool that can be used
point.    The  compliance  management  system  will
by U.S. industry for managing  environmental pro 
contain  data  on  worker  exposure,  health,  safety,
cesses, concerns, and regulatory compliances.
training, and related activities.  It will be developed
to calculate occupational safety and health param 
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
eters  to  support  decisions  on  regulatory  analysis
neering  (UNO  COE)  developed  a  comprehensive

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