S e c t i o n  3
the data required and actually creating the mod 
eling/simulation.  In general, shipyard processes
are poorly documented and, in some cases, the in 
Modeling and Simulation for Manufacturing
formation  only  exists  as  personnel  experience.
Thus, collecting this data, organizing it and enter 
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
ing the information into a simulation package can
neering draws upon it strong modeling and simu 
be a very arduous task.
lation expertise to design and develop a Modeling
The  UNO  effort  will  develop  a  modeling  infra 
and Simulation capability for the shipbuilding in 
structure that will store pertinent manufacturing
dustry.  Working at the Gulf Coast Region Maritime
process and planning knowledge, associate specific
Technology Center site at the Northrop Grumman
product data with the process information and make
Ship Systems Avondale Operations, its effort utilizes
both readily available to analysis tools.  Phase I of
major  shipyard  cooperation  and  promulgates  a
a three phase program formulated a modeling plan
broad concept for implementation.
for the manufacturing process modeling system, the
business use cases for the system, the system re 
The University of New Orleans, College of En 
quirements/specifications, and subsequent selection
gineering (UNO COE), under the auspices of the
of a potential commercial off the shelf (COTS) so 
Gulf  Coast  Region  Maritime Technology  Center
lution.  Figure 3 1 identifies the principal elements
(GCRMTC), has led research and development of
of this system concept.  Currently in Phase II, ship 
Modeling and Simulation (M&S) tools to benefit
builders are performing a proof of concept test of
shipbuilding manufacturing capabilities.  Located
the system to determine the modeling capabilities
at  the  Simulation  Based  Design  Center  next  to
and limitations for shipyard production planning
the  Northrop  Grumman  Ship  Systems  (NGSS)
activities.  Phase III of the effort will focus on imple 
Avondale Operations shipyard, the effort utilizes
mentation issues and the development of solutions
a good balance of shipyard, equip 
ment, and subject matter experts
to pursue this goal.  This goal en 
compasses both current and future
planned  capabilities  addressing
shipyard production improvement,
process optimization (e.g., Lean/Six
Sigma, Cellular), design for produc 
tion, direct production support, as 
sembly sequencing, process model 
ing/simulation  as  well  as
automation (e.g., welding and mod 
eling and simulation development).
As shipyards investigate and de 
velop solutions for production im 
provement, the proposed modifica 
tions  must  be  analyzed  for
operational performance as well as
their affect on adjoining processes.
However,  the  development  of  a
simulation to support these analy 
ses  can  be  time  consuming  and
costly due to the effort of collecting
Figure 3 1.  System Concept

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