COE developed methodologies and processes to ef 
which identified areas of improvement in the ship 
fect the transfer of these research findings to the
yard.  The main result of the project was the devel 
U.S.  industrial  base.    The  research  conducted  at
opment of a template for introducing new technolo 
UNO COE and GCRMTC is applied research, which
gies into the shipyard through actual cases.  This
from the beginning has had an intended applica 
template consisted of the three phases of adoption
tion, market, and customer base.
of new technology: initiating, implementing; and in 
The GCRMTC was recently involved with three
stitutionalizing.  Within this context, the concept of
major technology transfer projects.  The first was
the importance of knowing the difference between
a  project  entitled  Innovative  Quotient  (IQ)
major and minor change was introduced.  Handy
project.   This  project  involved  getting  the  U.S.
worksheets were developed for each phase of adop 
shipbuilding  industry  to  conduct  a  self assess 
tion and training was given to shipbuilders on the
ment on how it compared to truly innovative com 
use of the worksheets.  Through the understanding
panies in regard to its ability to change.  The self 
of how to implement technology and handle the re 
assessment  tool,  IQ,  was  based  on  parameters
lated  change,  some  of  the  reluctance  to  learning
known  to  be  important  to  innovation.   A  meta 
from others has decreased.
analysis of existing literature on technology trans 
The third recent technology transfer project completed
fer and innovation developed the IQ model.  This
by GCRMTC was the successful commercialization of
model was used to determine specific areas that
UNO COE s developed software.   The significant point
needed to be assessed to measure the innovative
of this project was that after all of the research, product
abilities  of  an  organization.    IQ  was  linked  to
development,  Beta  testing  and  final  development,
GCRMTC  developed  software  that  was  user
GCRMTC was able to find a viable commercial entity to
friendly and produced easily understandable out 
take over the marketing, installation, upgrading, and
puts.  After the group being evaluated answered
support of the software.  By having someone separate
the questions in the software package on innova 
from the University s marketing, installing, and main 
tion,  the  results  were  produced  in  a  radar  plot
taining the software, ship owners and operators accepted
and used as a point of discussion with the group.
the new technology that helped them operate in a more
UNO COE found this dialogue to be the most in 
efficient and cost effective manner.
formative step in the use of the IQ project.  The
These examples show how UNO COE undertakes
software  is  now  licensed  to  Managing  Change
research projects with the goal of transferring the
Associates located in Houston, Texas, and UNO
technology  to  industry  upon  completion  of  the  re 
COE  is  in  discussion  with  Top  Tier,  Inc.,  a  gas
search and development of the product.  By doing
and oil consulting company in Slidell, Louisiana.
this, UNO COE assists industry in becoming more
The second successful technology transfer project
competitive and incorporating state of the art pro 
completed by GCRMTC was a productivity project,
cesses, materials, and technologies.

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