bedded Teflon Fibers.  This method of anti foul 
UNO  COE  continues  to  sponsor  remote  source
ing  along  with  several  others  shows  promise.
lighting  development  as  an  alternate  lighting
UNO COE is studying whether this epoxy can
source  for  ships  and  commercial  use.    Remote
be used in place of  copper on ships to prevent
source lighting uses high energy fiber bundles to
the damage these ships have on its surround 
illuminate areas where electrical lighting systems
ing environment.  UNO COE, at the request of
pose  a  safety  threat,  require  cool  lighting,  and
Russia, is studying the use of scandium, which
color sequencing.
acts as a natural corrosion inhibitor for alumi 
Fiber  optic  sensing  and  illumination  technol 
num.   This  would  mean  aluminum scandium
ogy  go  beyond  Navy  ships.    Homeland  security
based  alloys  generally  will  not  need  paint  or
can benefit through optical spectroscopy of chemi 
chemical film to resist corrosion.   The alloy is
cal and biological dangers.  Condition based main 
strong, light, and corrosion resistant and ideal
tenance  of  enterprise  operations  can  be  greatly
for applications such as aerospace.
improved through employment of fiber optic sen 
sor and systems technology.  Commercial manu 
facturers can also benefit from this research.
Fiber Optic Technology
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
Life Cycle Costing and Assessment
neering developed a strong and cooperative part 
nership with the private sector whose function was
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
to  demonstrate,  refine,  prototype,  and  implement
neering  developed  a  computer  model  for  life  cycle
fiber optic components and systems in Navy ships
costing  and  assessment  of  shipyard  blasting  and
and other government and industry operations.
painting.  The model will reduce total life cycle costs
and increase environmental compliance.
Most  application  of  fiber  optics  research  sup 
ported by the University of New Orleans, College
The  University  of  New  Orleans,  College  of
of Engineering (UNO COE) is handled by a small
Engineering s  (UNO  COE s)  Gulf  Coast  Region
business  contractor.    Funds  awarded  through
Maritime  Technology  Center  (GCRMTC)  devel 
small business technology transfer research and
oped a computer model for life cycle costing and
small  business  innovation  research  programs
assessment  of  shipyard  blasting  and  painting.
have  been  instrumental  in  starting  the  process
The model will result in minimizing wastes and
of transferring sensing and illumination technol 
natural resource utilization, reducing production
ogy to the Navy.
and societal costs, and increasing compliance with
UNO COE and the contractor demonstrated ca 
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and
pabilities in packaging a variety of complex sens 
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
ing components and illumination systems for pro 
totype application on Navy ships.  Extensive work
The computer model has a graphical interface
in temperature, flame, and level sensing devices
that  allows  the  user  to  select  costs  and  parts  of
were designed into damage control prototype sys 
equipment, and entry of materials and process pa 
tems  installed  on  the  USS  Ross  DDG 71.   This
rameters.  Total life cycle costs (e.g., direct, indi 
installation  demonstrated  its  effectiveness  and
rect,  and  societal)  for  all  levels  of  painting  and
value over competitive devices and systems.  UNO
blasting operations will be calculated based on the
COE  developed  a  fiber  optics  based  torque  and
user s input.  By changing process parameters (e.g.,
thrust measurement device for propulsion moni 
nozzle, pressure, abrasive type, paint application
toring.  UNO COE also sponsored Bragg tempera 
equipment, type of paint, etc.), new models can be
ture sensor development whereby the physics of
generated for comparison to optimize the process
a  single  fiber  demonstrated  the  capacity  to  de 
for both cost and environmental compliance.
tect stresses and translate these into a simple and
Alternate  blasting  materials  and  paint  ap 
inexpensive  temperature  detector.    Application
plication methods will be identified that mini 
possibilities are present in sensing and monitor 
mize  costs  to  the  shipyard  and  society.   The
ing  critical  processing  parameters  required  for
computer  model  can  be  used  with  about  80%
high  quality  composite  material  fabrication.
of the shipbuilding industry.

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