ment to review which processes are needed to per 
Lake Pontchartrain Basin Study
form the required task.  Based on this, shipyard
processes, environmental engineering and science,
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
and  environmental  regulations  must  be  deter 
neering developed and validated numerical models
mined  and  made  accountable.    Presently,  this  is
of the complex Pontchartrain Basin with intercon 
performed by reviewing hardcopy documentation,
nected lakes, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), environmen 
Mexico.  Models included a wide range of sensor data
tal regulations, and permit requirements.
and characterized pollution sources, dynamics, and
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
environmental hazards.   The model will evolve to
neering (UNO COE) has developed an expert en 
address the entire Pontchartrain Estuary.
vironmental  management  system  for  shipyards.
This expert system is a software application that
Since past flood control efforts have essentially
combines  shipyard  processes,  environmental  en 
eliminated the historical flood cycles of the Mis 
gineering and science, environmental regulations,
sissippi  River,  seawater  intrusion  into  the  basin
and  information  technology  skills.   The  applica 
has increased appreciably.  In addition, data ex 
tion can be used to help shipyards prevent non 
ists to show that the southern portion of the basin
compliance and fines, minimize waste, reduce risk
is subsiding at approximately one inch annually.
and reliability, provide cost savings, improve pub 
A considerable range of impacts related to these
lic  image,  and  increase  productivity.   This  is  ac 
actions and the introduction of man made contami 
complished by the shipyard populating the data 
nants and pollutants have engendered a range of
base with information about the facility, sources,
options to consider.
stacks,  national  pollution  discharge  elimination
The Lake Pontchartrain Basin is comprised of a
system permit limits, air permit limits, outfalls and
complex  and  interconnected  hydraulic  system
watershed, air pollution control devices, and waste 
among the lake, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf
water treatment facility data.  With this data in 
of Mexico.  The University of New Orleans,  College
corporated  into  the  software  program,  material
of Engineering (UNO COE) has developed and vali 
usage, MSDS information, abrasives, paints, sol 
dated finite element analysis models to character 
vents, filler/weld rods, rainfall data, ambient air
ize and assess this dynamic system.  The effort in 
quality data, and fuel are included to manage the
cludes collection and analysis of data from an array
shipyard s  processes  and  environmental  impact.
of surface, subsurface, and satellite sensors.  Not
This software can also be uniquely configured to a
surprisingly, the scope of this effort included a num 
shipyard s specifications.  As a result, routine re 
ber of additional interested parties, which included
ports  can  easily  be  produced,  such  as  discharge
regional and state entities, the Environmental Pro 
monitoring reports (storm and process water), haz 
tection Agency (EPA), and the Tulane Medical Cen 
ardous  waste,  Tier  II,  emission  inventories,  and
ter.  Model results described the range of dynamics
toxic release inventory.  Furthermore, analyses and
initiated by the region, the river, and the sea.  Addi 
decisions can also be performed using data already
tionally, the sources and characteristics of contami 
contained in the database.  Some of this data may
nants and pollutants were incorporated.  Together
include historical trends, planning and pollution
with  the  flow  and  mixture  dynamics  the  models
prevention implementation, troubleshooting, emis 
provided, this system and its vulnerabilities are now
sion calculations, and comparisons (e.g., year to 
better understood by the combined user and plan 
year, source to source, material to material, job to 
ner communities.  UNO and these capable models
job, and limits versus actual).
will be directly involved in the evaluation and as 
UNO COE s tailorable expert system for ship 
sessment of the proposed projects.  Additional re 
yard environmental management allows a ship 
gional groups have requested further characteriza 
yard to easily manage its usage of materials and
tion of the entire Pontchartrain Estuary, specifically
environmental impacts.  Reports to environmen 
to  include  detailed  characterization  of  those  con 
tal  authorities  are  easily  produced  and  made
taminants and pollutants introduced from the riv 
available, and changes in regulations and limits
ers at the northern portion of the basin.
can  be  easily  incorporated  and  updated  with
little or no effort.

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