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Best Practices
better understanding of the role of biological floccu 
lation in the activated sludge process.  Flocculation
of particulate organics was studied and results will
Environmental Engineering
be published shortly.  These new design criteria have
emerged and are identified as best design practices
The Urban Waste Management and Research Cen 
for process optimization.  With new technology be 
ter, in connection with the University of New Orleans,
ing developed by UWMRC, anaerobic/aerobic waste 
College of Engineering, performed many studies re 
water treatment should realize a 50% reduction in
lated to wastewater treatment, which extends to ur 
waste, eliminating the need for a separate anaerobic
ban run off.  Many new design processes for dealing
sludge digestion.
with pollution content in an efficient and cost saving
UNO COE s UWMRC is on the leading edge of
manner have emerged from these studies.
technology for environmental engineering in deal 
ing with wastewater treatment.  It has performed
The  Urban  Waste  Management  and  Research
many studies that have resulted in new design pro 
Center (UWMRC) at the University of New Orleans,
cesses for treating wastewater.  It has also studied
College  of  Engineering  (UNO  COE)  supports  re 
many other aspects of dealing with wastewater, from
search  on  solid  waste  management,  water  and
sewer design optimization for solid flows to charac 
wastewater quality control, water resources, and air
terization of moisture content within landfills.  The
quality research.  The UWMRC also promotes ac 
recycling of leachate from landfills has been found
tivities  dealing  with  environmental  policy  and
to be advantageous in UWMRC s preliminary stud 
transfers the technology obtained in the research
ies.  Urban run off is another study that is being
to industry.  The UWMRC was established in May
conducted  due  to  the  increasing  pollution  caused
1990  and  obtained  a  cooperative  agreement  with
by  city  draining  of  rainwater  running  into  local
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in July
lakes.  Stochastic models for managing urban run 
of that same year, which was extended to 1995.  This
off are being developed to deal with managing the
agreement contains research, education, and out 
pollutants draining into Lake Pontchartrain.
reach programs with an integrated waste manage 
ment/pollution  prevention  emphasis.    Financial
support for the Center extends from the EPA, gov 
Expert System for Shipyard Environ 
ernment,  private  industry,  and  the  international
mental Management
community.   A  sewerage  system  design  was  per 
formed for the country of Ecuador from 1993 to 1995,
The University of New Orleans, College of Engi 
which continued to aid that country in additional
neering has developed an expert system for shipyard
city planning by providing a digital map of the city
environmental  management  that  helps  shipyards
used for sewerage design.
easily manage its use of materials and the associ 
In one study, UWMRC evaluated wastewater treat 
ated environmental impacts.  Reports, trends, and
ment at three different treatment plants. Results of
analyses can be performed with minimal effort and
this study led to modifications at one of the plants to
provided to the necessary authorities.
improve treatment performance.  Training of plant
operators was also done to maintain the improve 
Most shipyards maintain records for management
ments.  Factors affecting process performance were
of  its  processes  via    spreadsheets,  charts,  data
identified and this knowledge has been retained for
sheets, and various other documentation.  Rarely
future studies.  New factors affecting process design
is there one source that contains all the necessary
were developed for the trickling filter solids contact
information for managing the processes needed to
process  (a  wastewater  treatment  process).    These
build, refurbish, and overhaul a ship.  Once a ship s
studies have led to graduate level training programs
needs  are  determined,  the  shipyard  determines
and publications in journals.  UWMRC developed a
what has to be performed.  This requires manage 

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