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Report Summary
Officer makes every attempt to place students in local
or regional industries related to the student s desig 
The University of New Orleans, College of Engineer 
nated area of specialization.  Along with focusing on
ing (UNO COE) has formed impressive partnerships
programs for students, UNO COE also continues to
with the U.S. Navy, Department of Defense, National
expand its industry partnerships and increase the scope
Aeronautics  and  Space Administration,  the  State  of
of funding of its sponsored research programs.
Louisiana, the Maritime Industry, and other countries
UNO COE operates five Research Centers of Excel 
and universities.  Through these partnerships, UNO
lence that collectively generate well over half the spon 
COE has developed innovative technologies that are
sored research of the College annually.  These Centers
unique  to  the  Best  Manufacturing  Practices  (BMP)
include the Schlieder Urban Environmental Systems
Program.  BMP recognizes that many of these are ex 
Center that supports scientific and technical research
cellent research and development technologies.
activities in the management of solid waste, water and
Since 1978, UNO COE has continued to improve its
wastewater, water resources, and air quality; the Gulf
quality of instruction and is making steady progress in
Coast Region Maritime Technology Center (GCRMTC)
all its research endeavors.  In fact, the tallest building
whose mission is to help U.S. Maritime Industry be 
at the UNO Lakefront Campus proudly belongs to COE.
come  more  competitive  on  an  international  scale
It offers Accreditation Board for Engineering and Tech 
through sponsored research and strive for recognition
nology undergraduate programs in Civil and Environ 
as the best source for technology by the Maritime Com 
mental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electri 
munity; the Energy Conversion and Conservation Cen 
cal Engineering, and Naval Architecture and Marine
ter that conducts clean energy research and develop 
Engineering (NAME).  UNO COE also provides gradu 
ment, catalyzes interaction among academia, industry,
ate programs in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engi 
and  government,  and  provides  services  to  advocate
neering, and NAME as well as Engineering Manage 
clean  energy  and  energy  conservation;  the  UNO 
ment.  In addition, it provides a doctorate program in
Northrop Grumman Maritime Technology Center of
Engineering and Applied Sciences.  Its success through 
Excellence  that  develops,  refines,  implements,  and
out the years has made it the largest undergraduate
teaches advanced technologies in maritime design and
NAME program in the U.S.
construction; and the National Center for Advanced
UNO COE staffs 45 full time faculty and has enrolled
Manufacturing that promotes advanced manufactur 
1,134 undergraduate and 238 graduate students for
ing technologies in both aerospace and commercial mar 
the 2002 2003 school year.  UNO COE is among the
kets through research, design, manufacturing, and test 
top ten for research dollars for faculty in the U.S., achiev 
ing activities.  The researchers in all of these facilities
ing over $15 Million/year in sponsored research.  The
are tackling problems that promise to have a signifi 
college focuses on many opportunities for students to
cant impact on regional and national industries.
improve their education and advance their career skills.
UNO COE has continued excellence in performance
It offers 13 professional societies and five Honor Soci 
through its partnerships and programs.  Among the
eties for students to participate in including the Soci 
best practices documented by the Best Manufactur 
ety for Advanced Graduate Engineering Studies, the
ing  Practices  survey  team  were  the  Lake
National  Society  of  Black  Engineers,  the  Society  of
Pontchartrain Basin study, advanced composites tech 
Women Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi.  Realizing that
nology, technology transfer, life cycle costing and as 
85% of UNO students work their way through school,
sessment, environmental engineering, and ShipWorks
the COE also developed an exceptional cooperative edu 
robotics laboratory.
cation program with an Alternating Plan, in which stu 
UNO COE primarily focuses on research and devel 
dents can alternate periods of school attendance with
opment and through this, has developed many techno 
study related  work  experience;  and  a  Parallel  Plan,
logical practices.  The College is prepared to meet the
which allows students to work part time each semes 
challenges and demands of today s changing world.  The
ter while being enrolled in a degree granting program
BMP survey team considers the practices in this re 
as  a  full time  student.   The  Engineering  Placement
port to be among the best in industry and government.

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