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This report was produced by the Office of Naval Research's Best
Manufacturing Practices (BMP) Program, a unique industry and government
cooperative technology transfer effort that improves the competitiveness of
America's industrial base both here and abroad.  Our main goal at BMP is to
increase the quality, reliability, and maintainability of goods produced by
American firms. The primary objective toward this goal is simple: to identify
best practices, document them, and then encourage industry and government
to share information about them.
The BMP Program set out in 1985 to help businesses by identifying,
researching, and promoting exceptional manufacturing practices, methods, and procedures in design,
test, production, facilities, logistics, and management   all areas which are highlighted in the
Department of Defense's 4245.7 M, Transition from Development to Production manual.  By fostering
the sharing of information across industry lines, BMP has become a resource in helping companies
identify their weak areas and examine how other companies have improved similar situations.  This
sharing of ideas allows companies to learn from others' attempts and to avoid costly and time 
consuming duplication.
BMP identifies and documents best practices by conducting in depth, voluntary surveys such as this
one at the University of New Orleans, College of Engineering, conducted during the week of January
27, 2003.  Teams of BMP experts work hand in hand on site with the company to examine existing
practices, uncover best practices, and identify areas for even better practices.
The final survey report, which details the findings, is distributed electronically and in hard copy to
thousands of representatives from industry, government, and academia throughout the U.S. and
Canada   so the knowledge can be shared.  BMP also distributes this information through several
interactive services which include CD ROMs and a World Wide Web Home Page located on the
Internet at http://www.bmpcoe.org.  The actual exchange of detailed data is between companies at
their discretion.
The University of New Orleans, College of Engineering has continued excellence in performance
through its partnerships and programs with Federal Government Agencies, the State of Louisiana,
the Maritime Industry, and other countries and universities.  Through these partnerships, the
University of New Orleans, College of Engineering has developed innovative technologies, continues to
improve its quality of instruction, is making steady progress in all its research endeavors, and is
prepared to meet the challenges and demands of today's changing world.  Among the best examples
were the College's Expert System for Shipyard Environmental Management, Lake Pontchartrain
Basin Study, Advanced Composites Manufacturing Technology, and Fiber Optic Technology.
The BMP Program is committed to strengthening the U.S. industrial base.  Survey findings in
reports such as this one on the University of New Orleans, College of Engineering expand BMP's
contribution toward its goal of a stronger, more competitive, globally minded, and environmentally 
conscious American industrial program.
I encourage your participation and use of this unique resource.
Anne Marie T. SuPrise, Ph.D.
Director, Best Manufacturing Practices

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